September 12, 2014

4 Steps from Pain to Pleasure. ~ Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya

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Everybody has pain.

If we are alive and breathing at some point in our life we have experienced pain in one form or another. It may be physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, but pain is pain.

Each of us have old emotional pains living inside of us. It’s an accumulation of the hurtful experiences of the past that we did not consciously go through when the incidents were happening.

At the time when we were experiencing a painful situation we formulated a cognition about ourself, others and life. These cognitions were in most cases negative and rooted in powerlessness and fear.

These painful emotions get stored inside of our system thus affecting every aspect of our life and how we view ourselves, others and the world. We start formulating our identity around these painful cognitions and live our life as if we were continuously living out the old painful incidents over and over again.

The more we identify ourselves with these emotions, the more suffering we endure.

This kind of remembrance puts us into a vicious cycle and strengthens the pain body. All our interpretation about ourselves, others and life will be distorted and viewed through the lens of these pain bodies or samskaras and re-creating the same past experiences. Paramahamsa Nithyananda defines samskaras (pain body) as “a memory or hangover from the past sitting in the present destroying your future.”

An example of of this is let’s say you are a child and it’s right before bedtime when you see a nightie hanging from the balcony and you think it’s a ghost blowing in the wind there to scare you. Your mind’s eye thinks it’s a ghost but in all reality it’s only a nightie hanging from the days laundry.

This is how we are.

We are are living with a ghost from the past that does not even exist. The pain body feeds off drama and gains strength and energy from it. This is what happens when we get ‘triggered.’ When we are continuously living life through our old pain patterns we cannot create a fresh new life filled with joy, peace and fulfillment. In order to move out of our unconsciousness we need to become aware of how detrimental these pain patterns are, how they affect our live and how to eradicate them.

With this powerful pain busting process called Samskara Dahana Kriya given by Paramahamsa Nithyananda all the subtle and deep rooted pain patterns can be eliminated from our system. Not only on a physical level but on a psychological, mental, emotional and energetic level. In order for old pain bodies to be eradicated from our system we need to “relive to relieve” these painful memories and incidents with extreme awareness and infused consciousness.

This powerful process can completely liberate us from our past, painful memories and heal us on a deep level to remove our suffering.

Samskara Dahana Kriya Process

1. Get a pen, paper, mirror and a few friends to share with. Now you are going to write your entire biography, from the very first painful incident you can remember up until today. Write in complete detail without censoring what you are writing. Be as vivid as you can with each unpleasant incident. Do not leave anything out no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

2. Now sit and read your story to yourself out load 5 times and re-live each incident.

3. Next grab your mirror and “re-live and relieve” each and every incident you wrote five times each. Look into your own eyes and allow yourself to express all those suppressed painful incidents and memories.

4. Lastly you are going to share your story with five different people who are going to act like a wall or mirror. They should be like a stone and listen to your story without any facial expressions, comments or feedback. They are there simple to be a wall. Allow your self to once again “re-live and relieve” each painful memory and incident without censorship. Do not suppress anything or avoid anything.

This process should be done for 48 days consecutively, preferably before going to bed at night.

If done sincerely it will melt down all the hidden and subtle pain patterns we carry. It will lead to deeper and deeper cleansing of our entire being. The more we do it the more our samskaras will get burnt and our suffering will just loose its power over us.

From this pure space we can literally re-write our future to live the blissful live we truly all deserve.



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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Pixoto/Edyta Korzeniowska

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