September 20, 2014

How Dancing Makes us Smarter.

grand jete

Dancing makes us feel good.

It gives us an endorphin boost—dancing makes us smile. It’s fun.

Dancing is listening to music with our bodies. It is a creative way to express ourselves.

Dancing helps us make friends and age gracefully. It also reduces stress and boosts our memories.

A recent Stanford study proves that dancing makes us smarter—here’s how it works!

1. Our brains help us process sensory input, so we can make choices. Dancing works on the brain’s ability to make split-second rapid-fire decision making. Dancing exercises the neural-pathways of our brains.

2. Dancing is a form of multitasking, which means that several areas of our brain —kinesthetic, rational, musical and emotional—cooperate and work simultaneously, which improves our neural connectivity.

3. Dancing makes us think on our feet. When we’re dancing with a partner the leading and following switch it up for our brains.

Dancing is one of my favorite activities and is a crucial component of all cultures.

There is no wrong way to dance.

This dance video rock’s my world. Now I want to dance!

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Editor: Renee Picard

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