September 13, 2014

The Nether Times Between. {Poetry}


You bewilder me with your smile

Your tender mercies
The way you effortlessly glide through the ocean
And care for your sugar sands.

You tease me with your hidden treasure
And take me to places I want to go
Begrudgingly, unknowingly I sail beyond my complacency
Past the line between night and day.

When will I tell you?
When will I let you know?
Never. Or perhaps I have already
In little songs only you can hear.

Goodnight twilight, good morning dawn.
And to the nether times between
I worship those holy moments beyond my storied fantasy.
The moments when you appear. The moments when you fade away.


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Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photos: Courtesy of the author, mymodernmet

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