September 22, 2014

Things we Forget to do Before Winter Comes. ~ Linda Lewis

first snow

Why wait ‘til winter is at our door?

Writing this from Canada, where frost is due tonight in Nova Scotia and where many provinces have already seen snow, there is a vivid visual and sensual reminder of winter approaching.

So, here are five ways to check and make ready to guard against the cold before it arrives:


1. Depending on where you live, remember to drain and store garden hoses and empty the pipes.

By making sure that exterior faucets have been turned off, you can avoid burst pipes, which cause expensive repairs.

windows winter

2. Check and caulk wherever necessary around windows and doors.

This will not only keep the cold out, but will also prevent mice from coming in! Mice can wiggle through a dime size hole, and as nights get cold, this is the time they look for shelter.

roof repair

3. Repair the roof if needed.

Leaks damage insulation, and wet electrical wires can cause fires, so a good roof does much more than preserve ceilings!

snowed in

4. Install door sweeps to avoid cold leaks at the bottom of doors.

Door sweeps are easy to install with a few simple screws. Applying weather stripping if needed saves as much as 20 percent on a heating bill.


5. Avoid winter run-off by adding a downspout extension to your drainage system.

Of course it helps to keep rain gutters free of leaves so that they do indeed drain! Come spring, melting snow should be directed at least three feet away from your home’s foundation via a downspout extension. If you have a basement, this will keep it dry—rain or melting snow!

Being in tune with the seasons and preparing for each one, helps us appreciate and enjoy these cycles of change.

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