September 15, 2014

Want to Feel Like a Warrior Woman?


Then take a moment out of your day to read the following passage:

The Sacredness of Life by Brenda Newell

We are warrior women filled with our magnificence and grace. 

Our souls entered this lifetime, bursting through with light, with joy, with curiosity and unending awareness, yet to be seen, felt and realized.

Our souls, filled with wisdom, knowing, and patience, eagerly awaited the journey that was beginning to unfold in this human form, in this infant that carried all the wisdom of her soul. Her soul knew that her path would mean joining with other souls, both past and present.

There would be a familiarity in the greeting of other humans, a knowing of one another that is beyond the limitations of human awareness, but that is the experience of souls knowing and embracing one another.

Her soul knew the language of all the other beings of the planet. 

With fluidity, ease, and joy she could enter into a conversation that was from the heart and knew no barriers and had no need for translation.

Whether it was the voice of the beautiful and spirited equine, Skye King, who looked over her shoulder bringing energy to her writing, or the graceful zebra roaming with immense freedom in Africa, or the beloved canine friend, Charmin, who had brought such joy, learning and kinship in her physical furry form, but now surrounded this warrior woman as a spirit guide, with each being the communication flowed with comfort and ease, a sense of awe and respect. It flowed without effort.

The souls of these warrior women and the souls of all the beings that are called to share in this journey together are drawn to the sacred circle of fire.

They gather their drums, their rattles, their warrior women feathers and the energy of the night with all that lives and breathes and comes to life under the moonlight, and they begin to dance to the rhythm of the drums, the rhythm of their own souls, the rhythm of the heartbeats finding synchronicity and power, the fullness of one’s own spirit and the reverence of this moment which their hearts have so longed for—and their souls knew of this joining that would occur.

Enlivened by the crispness of the night air, the fullness of the brilliant moon which offers her own blessing, the fireflies that mimic the sparks from the dancing fire, the vibration of the hoof beats, the drumbeats and the heartbeats become one in unison and the souls dance vibrantly in the knowing that this moment, this experience is the sacredness of life.

My dear friend and fellow warrior spirit wrote this while we were on a life changing, healing mission together in Washington. Her words touched me, touched all of us, and I felt inclined to ask her if I could share. I’m glad she’s allowing me to share her art, her poetry and I hope it strikes the heart chords of many a warrior woman.

If you would like to get in touch with her personally, you can find her at Rainbow Counseling & Equine Connections. Thanks, Brenda!



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixoto/Liezl van Niekerk

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