September 14, 2014

You Can Wear the Internet!


A new technology has emerged.

The Apple Watch.

Like the iPhone, it’s a little computer, the only difference is that you wear it.

Finally, I don’t have to go to the trouble of putting my hand in my pocket to get out my phone if I want to ignore everything around me and get on the internet. I just have to look at my wrist.

Now, I love smartphones. I’m glad I can take a picture and instantly put it on Facebook, for example. But I wonder where this is going. I’ve entered rooms where I’ve seen a crowd of people looking down at their phones and ignoring each other. I’ve been one of those people sometimes.

Because the internet has made us so connected. I have access to essentially all information everywhere and that’s great.

Constant access to Facebook is good too. I can keep up with people and network with people I’ll never meet who share similar interests. I’ve met some great Buddhist teachers thanks to the Facebook.

And, obviously, I found a great website called elephant journal.

My smartphone, though, is like a magnet for my attention. It’s very very easy to check it all the time. It’s easy to ignore what is going on around me and stare at my phone. How much easier to have it on my arm all the time!

If the Apple Watch really takes off, if it becomes normal, if the other phone companies start making similar products, I wonder: what’s next?

Will we reach a point where not having a smart watch is as weird as not having a smartphone is now?

This is about as close as it can get without being inside us.

We can wear the internet now.

I wonder if I’ll be able to write an article called: The Internet is Inside You.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo:  WikiCommons


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