October 30, 2014

5 All-Natural, Unconventional Beauty Regimens.


It’s a fact. We all age.

When I hit my thirties though, it seemed that the game changed and I found myself staring into the mirror more frequently with absolute bewilderment, peering closely at my once youthful face with newly emerging wrinkles and sun spots thinking what the hell? 

I remember the first sun spot I ever found on my face, I thought it was dirt. I started scrubbing and scrubbing and it didn’t come off. I have been using face creams since I was in my twenties, so when it happened to me, I almost felt panicked.

Here it comes…ageing.

And although ageing is a privilege denied to many, it’s a fact that we all like to look good as well as feel good.

If the dread of wrinkles sounds familiar, then read on. The wonderful news is that with the help of a few natural, holistic beauty techniques, we can slow down the aging process and stop spending so much time and money fighting it! Since we can’t hop in our time machine and tell our former teen selves to put on more sunscreen, check out these essential tips and head to the health store for supplies.


lemon1. Drink Warm Lemon Water First Thing in the Morning.

It’s a fact that lemon water is cleansing and has major detoxifying power, but what else does it do? First and foremost, the lemon helps get the digestive system moving first thing after a night of slumber. Good morning bathroom! When the water is warm, the body is able to more effectively absorb the mixture and is easier on the intestines. The mixture gives the immune system a boost, energizes the metabolism, and also detoxifies the liver. Beyond that, drinking lemon water helps fight hunger cravings so that morning box of donuts at the office can be avoided (believe me—I know this from personal experience). Try the juice from half a lemon (organic!) in a cup of warm water. For a greater detox, add a pinch of cayenne and a teaspoon of honey to the mixture.

2. Oil Pulling.

Sounds weird, I know, but this is ancient Ayurvedic practice of washing out the mouth with oil (an unrefined, cold-pressed oil such as coconut or sunflower oil), swishing it around and pulling it through the teeth for around 15-20 minutes is incredibly beneficial.

What does this do? Toxins that are built up within the body are released through the gums and “stick” to the oil, getting pulled out of the body! The result? Whiter teeth, faster metabolism, clearer skin, cleansed system! Bonus- when I tried this, I noticed my lips were softer and fuller after just one time. Excellent! Note: Make sure not to swallow the oil—spit it out in the trash or toilet!

3. Dry Brushing.

What is this exactly? It involves ‘brushing’ down dry skin (ideally before getting in the shower) with a natural course-haired brush. There is a method to it, however, that involves using broad, firm strokes starting at the feet and moving upwards towards the heart, (avoiding scrubbing back and forth or circularly). Dry brushing the body helps slough off dead skin, but also helps increase cell renewal and blood flow as well as remove toxins. Done daily, it can help diminish cellulite. Hello, bikini season!

4. Wash Your Face With Oil.

coconut oilYup. Sounds crazy, right? Soaps and face cleaners often have harsh chemicals or other ingredients that are harmful to the sensitive face of the skin and wash away the beneficial natural oils that help protect the face. When those natural oils are stripped away, the skin reacts by… producing more oil. Instead of continuing to waste money on additional creams and lotions, try washing the face with oil instead. Here’s how it’s done: Use unrefined oils (I use coconut, but some people use a mixture of half olive oil and castor oil, or even grapeseed oil).

Massage the oil all over the dry face for at least one minute or more. Then use a warm wet washcloth to wash the oil off and pat to dry. No moisturizer needed! When I started this practice, my wrinkles became softer and less noticeable. Try twice a day—the results are fascinating.

5. Use Essential Oils.

EO’s are all natural plant-derived oils that help the skin and body on a cellular level. Many of them are already used in over the counter face creams that we buy, however, going direct to the source will give greater results than you can imagine! Some oils such as Melalueca (tea tree) or lemon can help reduce sun spots and clear up acne, while Lavender, Rose and Frankincense help reduce wrinkles, and Helichrysum can fade acne scars.

I could go on all day about the benefits of using essential oils in a regular beauty regimen, as well as using them as medicine, and have been using them myself for a few years to fight wrinkles and lighten up that spot of dirt (which wouldn’t go away).

Just because we have to age doesn’t mean we can’t do it with ease, grace and beauty. Enjoy!


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Author: Tiffani Shipman

Apprentice Editor: Alicia Wozniak / Editor: Travis May

Photo: Papa Lazarou/Flickr

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