October 22, 2014

A Living Angel. {Warning: Heartwarming & Heartbreaking images}


Wilson Martins Coutinho is one of the world’s angels.

Living in Rio De Janeiro, Wilson saw first hand the neglect, abandonment and abuse that thousands of animals suffer there. Fortunately, he was not one of those to turn a blind eye.

Although Wilson had little money and only a small amount of equipment, he began to help any animal he came into contact with that desperately needed his help.

Once rescued, Wilson opens up his heart and his home and however bad their condition, he doesn’t think twice about picking them up and holding them in his arms. He shows them what is probably the first sign of love they have ever known. Wilson, also now known as “Animal Protector” talks to them, promises them he will do all he can to help and stays with them through every step of their recovery.


Wilson Martins has now saved hundreds of dogs from suffering and certain premature death. He provides them with a roof over their head in his own home and at any time he has around 40 dogs living with him. Each animal he cares for he treats like a child of his own. Wilson bathes with them, hand feeds them and provides the animals with immediate veterinary care to give them the greatest chance of survival.

Whenever a family is found for any of the animals that Wilson has taken care for, his heart breaks to separate from them. However, Wilson combats this by seeing it as creating space for another “child” or “angel” as he calls them.

This way he has the opportunity to transform the life of another dog, or animal in desperate need. Opening up more space to provide them with food, shelter and a safe loving environment where they thrive beyond recognition.

Wilson speaks of this by saying: “It feeds my soul, restoring lives and giving them dignity.”

Wilson has dedicated his life to the cause, despite his distress each time he witnesses the horrific conditions he finds these animals in. He is unfaltering in the care and attention he gives to each and every one.

Currently, thanks to Facebook donations and contributions from people from all over the world, Wilson is building a rescue centre specifically dedicated to those animals most in need. People who have heard about his cause are offering their time and materials to help to build it, knowing what a difference it will make to those most vulnerable.

This guy is an inspiration to so many people and it also shows what can be achieved with the help of social media. You can’t change the world, but Wilson changes the whole world through the eyes of each and every animal he crosses that needs his help.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photos: Used with permission from Wilson Martins

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Read 4 comments and reply

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