October 9, 2014

All Loves are One. {Poem}


we are one skull

There is a secret known to lovers
Who have penetrated the darkness
And broken through the dome of stars
To come out on the other side:
All loves are one.

The passionate romantics making love
To the rhythm of their own inner songs,
The mystic generating sunshine
Out of a diet of stones,
The revolutionary whose sights are set
On a distant horizon and falls dead in the midst
of his own quiet “no.”

These loves bleed into one another
Like the blackness of the night,
Like the passions that leap from peak to peak,
To dance on the tips of the stars.
My love for you is like some vast mountain
That only spreads wider the more it is torn away.
Let this dust make its way to to the ocean,
Where all things mingle as one.

Let them tear us from one another a thousand times.
These are but roadblocks on the way to union.
They can strip me naked but they will get no closer,
To the secrets of human solidarity.
I want to embrace this planet from ten thousand miles out,
Then soar like an eagle into the heart of suffering,
The death on which all life feeds,
The parting that is but a part of love.

We are but whispers in some wider drama,
The murmurs in a sea of secrets,
God’s taffy, stretched across time.
Forever pulled apart and pushed together,
Blending and breaking,
Like the waves of some distant song.

There is a sweetness to this parting
It is the ecstasy of containing something so great
That it cannot but help break each container
Until the tongue struggles to speak of its breadth.
All love is one and feeds on all others.

And so I dedicate my romance to justice
And justice to obliteration, and all of the passions
Which spin out this story into the funnels of timelessness,
Falling like rain on our common story.
Do you feel the tingling on the tip of your tongue?
It is the unspoken sizzle of God calling out his own name.
Do you sense the buzzing on the top of your skull?
It is the universe trying to smash its way free of your mind.

This world is like some great wrecking ball,
That will tear your house down
So you might build another.

Let us sit in the ruins and listen.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Eric Pheterson/Flickr

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Read 1 comment and reply

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