October 22, 2014

Dear Friend: I Have a Wish for You (& Me).

Peter Hellberg via Flickr

I see you, struggling there in this moment.

Facing a reality and a reflection you don’t like and turning away, busying yourself so that you may not continue to be blinded by your own light.

You, yes, you, I have a wish for you. A message. A will. A force. An intention.


Dear You, (well, and also Me,)

I hope someday you stop waiting for Friday, and make every day fun.

I hope someday you stop saying no out of fear, and start saying yes out of confidence.

I hope someday you stop placing limits on yourself by saying “I can’t,” and instead live a boundless life.

I hope someday you see the capacity of your heart muscle, and that you let it expand.

I hope someday your hands are no longer full of hurt and are instead clasped gently in love.

I hope someday you stop waiting for permission, and instead make your own rules.

I hope someday you stop seeing things as ordeals and obligations, and instead view them as adventures and possibilities.

I hope someday you let go of your conventional lists of “should, have, must and need,” and instead let inspiration be your guide.

I hope someday you do what you love and love what you do, but remember that your work does not define you, you define your work.

I hope someday you can see how your own personal happiness impacts the happiness of others, and that you care for your own soul first and most.

I hope someday you are able to stop worrying about being wrong, and see what happens if you are right.

I hope someday you can learn to simply trust that it will all be okay, instead of planning for when it isn’t.

I hope someday you stop looking back at the past, and instead see clearly the direction in which you are headed.

I hope someday you stop reliving old stories, and start writing new chapters.

I hope someday you focus not on what you haven’t done, or been, or accomplished, and instead acknowledge the beautiful creation that is your present.

I hope someday you can see yourself not as you have been, not as you might be, but simply as you are today.

I hope someday you let go of judgement for who you are not, and love the person you have become.

I hope someday you worry less about preventing pain and think more about responding well to it.

I hope someday you let go of expectations, and instead move with grace.

I hope someday you think less about control, and instead remember that everything is impermanent.

I hope someday you stop seeing your mistakes as a failure, and instead see them as an opportunity to begin again.

I hope someday you stop trying to be perfect in every moment, and instead find a moment of perfection in each experience.

I hope someday you see that the only truth there is, is the one you choose.


For you, dear friend, I hope that someday, is this day.




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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Peter Hellberg/Flickr

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Read 6 comments and reply

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