October 2, 2014

Dear Soulmate.

Matt Anderson

Dear Soulmate,

You are not everything. You do not share all of my interests. Nor do I share all of yours. Frankly, some of them I can’t even wrap my head around.

Maybe we share all of our secrets with each other, maybe we don’t. I don’t know. We may be together forever, a decade, a day, not at all. I don’t know that either. Here is what I do know.

We are symbiotic. There is an open space here, inside my heart/soul/whatever you care to name it—with your shape. And there is a space in you, with mine. We are a puzzle and we are the pieces and you and I create something that only we can, something that longs to exist, pulling us together, like magnets.

A thought, a feeling, an understanding, an experience, a something, maybe even a someone, a family.

Whatever this is, it is ours for the taking and for the leaving. In each moment we can choose each other or something, anything else.

Each moment we can ask if our particular peculiar symbiosis creates something beautiful and lovely or something else, something better left un-chosen?

This is the uniqueness of being human—choice. And this is the opportunity of human relationships—conscious choice.

If I choose you and you me, it is not because it feels right, not because we choose to be passive and acquiesce to the tide rather than dare to swim against it. Rather, it will be because we choose to bring this something into existence. Something new and unique and beautiful. And for some course of time, I will welcome you into this space, and you will welcome me into yours, and we will call it home.




What to Look For in a Soul Mate. ~ Judith Orloff

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