October 8, 2014

Home: Not only the Place we Dwell In, but the Place that Dwells in Us.

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It’s time for us to really show up, start living our best life and reawaken our passion.

We are at a crucial point in civilization where we can greatly and positively affect the trajectory of this planet. We, as citizens of this planet can no longer bury our head in the sand. We need to awaken to the greatness that is within each and every one of us.

We need to take a stand where one was previously ignored. We need to pay attention when attention was overlooked. The issues that are plaguing this planet aren’t acculturation’s; they’re not racial, religious, socioeconomic, separatist or categorized in whatever other way you can think of.

They are issues of the heart, which affect all of humanity. With love, we can, change the world around us to reflect our true purpose.

There are hundreds of tools, such as feng shui, yoga, tai-chi, qi gong, bio-energetics, meditation, prayer, eating healthy or getting sufficient sleep which will help us mitigate human suffering, move forward in life and achieve our goals with money, relationships and health.

We can continue to evolve and grow in a way that is effective and less painful.

We are inherently born with this knowing.

That is why as small children we feel indestructible. We take risks and do things that adults would deem as inappropriate, dangerous or limitless. We know no boundaries. We are newly here and the energy we exhibit is the most pristine.

It isn’t until people start imposing limitations and exile us into fear that we begin to develop a change in thinking, which takes us away from our perfection. The veil grows thicker and eventually we forget about that energy and move farther away from our original mission purpose and give in to the chaos of the world around us.

The energy in our homes is no different than the energy that resides in your head in the form of thoughts, emotions and feelings.

The tool I can help you with, is Feng Shui.

I encourage you to always be a seeker, a student of life.

When you approach life with this sentiment, you will find all that you want and more. If Feng Shui doesn’t resonate with you, find a tool that does.

A home is very much our mirror, except we can’t see our reflection literally, but we do see it figuratively. A home will directly reflect our conscious and subconscious desires. Our home contains our feelings, thoughts, karma, life events, financial possibilities, the state of our relationships, health opportunities, challenges, marriage possibility, sexual propensity and much more.

Our home not only is the place we dwell in but it is also the place that dwells in us.

We are our home and our home is us. There is no separation of energy from where you begin and your home ends. It is one in the same and that’s why it’s your home.

Have you ever moved into a new home and for the first few weeks, you feel weird because it doesn’t really feel like your home? Your energy hasn’t completely permeated and penetrated that space and that weirdness that you feel is actually a temporary separation of you and that space. When you’re fully enthralled in the space and the space if fully enthralled in you, then it feels like home.

The truth is that you will be attracted to some homes, while other homes will completely turn you off. If you’ve ever been home shopping or apartment hunting you’ll know the feeling that I am talking about. It’s the one you get when you walk into a home and you proclaim aloud, “yes, this feels like my home.” Up until that point you were disinterested in other properties you saw but you kept holding out hope that you would know the right property based on that “feeling.”

That feeling is actually a vibration that you’re feeling, which mirrors your own energy. You are “feeling” a comfort and a knowing because the energy in that home, matches your own energy. The old adage, like attracts like, is very true.

We feel most comfortable in homes that have the same resonance and energy as we do.

The energy that you’re resonating with is what you’re going to be attracting more of. The law of attraction works in such a way that it resembles everything you’ve attracted thus far, including the energy in your home.

Our homes are a direct reflection of the type of experiences that we have had or will have, which is based on your energy. Just like if you’ve had a recent promotion and things are going well with your interpersonal relationships, health and family, you will be more likely to find a home where all these things are encouraged further and continue coming to fruition.

The trajectory that your life takes on is a direct reflection of your subconscious desires, which is mirrored in the energy of your home.

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If you don’t know anything about Feng Shui, and want to know, if your home, office or family’s home is right energetically, follow these tips:

Always go with your intuition. Your initial gut response reaction, is always, usually, right on.

Use your context clues. If you don’t know anything about Feng Shui, pay attention to the condition of the property you’re considering moving into. Look to see how well maintained it is. Is the landscaping pristine? Does the paint and perimeter of the property look clean and nice? Is the overall neighborhood well taken care of? When people are doing well health wise, money wise and relationship wise, they’re motivated to take care of where they live. They have no reason not to.

When people aren’t doing well in those three categories, sadly, the house will start lacking because they’re energy has to be redirected to more immediate needs like putting food on the table, paying utility bills, fixing a failing relationship, visiting doctors for flailing health, etc.

What is the general area known for? Is it an area where people are known to partake in criminal activity? Are there higher than normal crime or robbery rates?

Make sure that you’re not close to anything that would be considered negative in the environment, such as cemeteries, churches, a mortuary, busy hospitals, busy police stations, oil refineries, landfills, large electrical pylon stations, dirty canals/lakes or heavily industrialized areas with factories and above normal pollution.

The bottom line with energy and Feng Shui is this, if there’s something strange in the environment, if it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t look right, it’s not right. Real, authentic feng shui, is common sense.

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

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