October 8, 2014

I have Found Myself. {Poem}

water woman ocean

Through the tides of life
In and out they go

The good comes in
The bad goes out
Each wave is like a breath
Letting me know I am alive
When I am sad, letting me know I am still here—be grateful
When I am happy, letting me know I am forever blessed—be blessed

I softly float atop the waves
Letting life take me wherever it chooses to go
Sometimes the waves wash over me
Cleansing me of all that does not serve my soul

I swim with the marine life
Playful, enjoying what the Mother has offered us
Her endless amount of tears
We all gracefully bask in

I look up
Watching the sunrise
The many deep colors
Intricately scattered across the sky’s canvas
No sunrise is ever the same
Everything is always changing
I am different than I was before the last line you read

I am alive
I am floating
I am free
I have found myself
I have found my sunrise over sea

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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Dmitri Laudin/Pixoto

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