October 17, 2014

Meet Me where Our Story Never Ends.

claudia gabriela marques/Flickr

Lovers on the Sea.

My heart shouts
“Look at me!”
For I get lost in your eyes
Found in your gaze
So knowing the strength of your embrace.

I have never known such bliss. From the summit of mountains high and low I’ve stood, seeking the voice beyond the clouds, the voice beyond my reason.

From the shallows of some darkened abyss I’ve shouted, and from the depths of some vast sea of light you’ve replied, knowing my name before I’ve known the smoothness of your skin and the hallowed promise of your soul.

Forget me not, my love, for my life is yours as surely as the trees pay homage to the sky, as surely as the rain pays homage to the oceans on which we sail.

My skin calls out your name
In the raised bumps that gently kiss your fingertips
The rest of me soon follows
With not-so-silent prayers of sweet surrender
Of ecstasy, in the truthful moments that we share.

It seems as if some great wave has risen, and has taken this rudder from my hands. The Sun beats down on this rain-soaked vessel only to give thanks of a day anew. I surrender to the depths, to the very beat within your heart. Gone are the worries of yesterday and the fears of tomorrow, lost forever as we make love under the full sails of a ship surrendered to the sea.

In the frothy spray we bathe, moving to the rhythm of our timeless ocean, knowing full well that somewhere between the port and the pyre we will live this life in our power, in a courage not found in fairy tales, but in the puddles of sweat we leave in the space given to our flesh, to our souls.

Another gasp, another prayer, another sweet explosion until, finally, we gaze back into the very eyes we’ve found ourselves in, the very eyes we’ve lost all sense of death beyond.

Love me, Lover
Do not hide, do not sink
For I am here with you
Take me into you, as I will enter
Know me here, and now
And never let me go.

Whisper again, my Lover
Tell me things only you and I could know
And do not cry
For when I look down at the clouds
Know that I have touched them
Only in the strength of your embrace.
Fear not, my lover, for you are as much a part of me as the cells that call your name.

I feel you in the emptiness, I see you in the rain. I know you in the sunshine, and I dream of you in the crashing of the waves. There is a truth within this moment, one that will carry me into the next, and the next, and the one beyond the end of time.

See me there, and know that your man stands there for you. Do not seek my failure, and only know that with each tear that stains your cheek my heart calls out your name.

Then, in the moment when we meet again, feel the power of our love as it meets the power of our lust. Know the moments that we’ve shared and the moments yet to come meet in the moments where we stand, hand in hand, lips to lips, heated in full desire of bodies meant for this.

Know my love, feel it course through you like a rushing wind. Know my truth, and sense it with each passing moan, each certain testament of a life meant for nothing but our moments on the sea.

It is there that I found you. It is there that you found me. It is there that our story never ends.





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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: claudia gabriela marques/Flickr

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Read 1 comment and reply

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