October 8, 2014

Nobody is Born a Racist.

Nobody is born a racist.

Before I start I would like to say I am by no means setting out to resolve these issues I raise.

I couldn’t even think of a way to start a world peace campaign, let alone achieve it through an article.

So this morning I found myself pondering away.

The people sitting around me on the train were all different. The difference I saw in all of them brought me to this example that I want you now as you’re reading this, to put yourself in.

If I am a racist, homophobic, ignorant person, who doesn’t want to see or hear the views of any other person (unless they are similar or the same as my own), I must then be a person who doesn’t want to surround myself with anyone that appears different (this may be physically or in thought).

Surely I’m restricting other ideas and opportunities coming into my life, right? I may also be refusing help without even realising it.

To people who only see their views as being right are unfortunately people who will never see the benefits of having a different mindset: embracing culture, religion and the like, around them.

Imagine a racist group or formed society of narrow minded people came to power. These people would be so abrupt and individually overpowering with their views and ‘”protests” that eventually, all of the ignorant, hurtful online debates plastering social media finally pays off.

Imagine that it is now law that the people of Britain have to be white, English and born and raised in Britain. Everyone would now have to share the same racist, traditional English thoughts because this is the way it “should be.”

The only way I can possibly justify such abominable thoughts, is to put it down to people that haven’t taken into consideration the benefits of living in and loving a multi-racial society.

A general mix varying in characters, professions, experience, knowledge, religion, culture, race and diverse bodies surrounding one self, which will only improve and enhance our lives.

It’s easy to sit behind a computer screen and be a keyboard warrior, contributing to racial wars on sites that are against diverse cultures and ethnicities that aren’t that of “traditional British values” or any other specific group for that matter.

But in doing this, you fail to see things at a larger scale, the bigger picture. If you are a person that wants to be around like minded people, who share the complete same interests, professions and opinions as you, you will fail.

You will fail to bring any difference or change into your life.

Forget for one moment about the common issues constantly raised and shoved in our faces day after day by social media (fueling feud and conflict).

This self inflicted hatred we surround ourselves with, is just man-made. We created it, so only we can destroy it and that won’t happen unless we start to change our mindsets.

We have all come too far now to be arguing and starting feuds.

Bringing up things that have happened in the past to support a point of view you have now doesn’t make sense to me. Because if that’s the case, it just becomes: “But he said, she said and remember that one time, what about that?!”

What is gained from such arguments? A circle, going round and round never to be resolved. Who actually wants that in their life?

It’s great to have pride and passion for the thing you have always known, the country you were born in and the values and traits it holds. That’s great!

But you know what is also great? Diversity and knowledge.

Change your mindset, keep your traditions and embrace new ones too.

I was born in London, England. Of course I am proud of the place I have had the privilege to be raised in: the tasty pie and mash dinners, the football games on cold evenings with even more pies (and not so tasty mash). I am proud of the accent I have, no matter how “cockney” or (at times) foul mouthed it can be.

I am also lucky enough, blessed in fact, to be able to get on a plane with my British passport and go somewhere just as good. I think about the elephants and smile hoping I can visit them roaming free in the well kept forests of India some day.

I can visualise the Kiwi birds of New Zealand and the tribes that sing themselves to sleep at night. I admire and seek energy from the chanting meditation sessions that take place in Bali every Thursday afternoon.

These are all things that when a person discovers, warms the soul and restores ones faith.

These particular things may be of no interest to you, but I bet you too can find something different to love (other than what you’ve always known), if only you just search.

I am aware and thankful to the hardworking farmers in England that wake up so early to start their day. But also to those in the blazing heat, picking cotton plants and walking miles and miles for water in Africa. The people who work all hours of the day and night growing crops to harvest and keeping animals warm in the winter.

To the surfers and pasty makers in Cornwall, your fish and chips are the best I’ve ever tasted. I am privileged for the free health care I have access to, no matter how long I have to wait on the phone at 8am for an appointment.

Because I know someone, somewhere else in the world that didn’t choose to be born in the country they are in. They have to fight through their illness and receive little or no support—let alone medicine or cure.

I am grateful to the job system of this country, it’s always proved faithful to me because I’ve used tools and resources provided, putting myself in a situation to seek or receive work.

I am proud that I am aware. I am educated. We all live here and by “here” I mean the world.

So big and spectacular, no one has ever or will ever cover every mile, every footstep, complete every path.

So take a moment. Try to have a thought a day that you are aware of, one that you and only you can control; a thought that isn’t selfish.

Nobody is born a racist.

We’ve just absorbed things from the people and news around us telling us to think a certain way and that’s not entirely our fault at all.

Nothing good will ever come from a negative point of view.

Have thoughts, be outspoken and try everyday to be a good person.


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Apprentice Editor: Carrie Marzo/Editor: Travis May

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