October 1, 2014

What to Remember when we feel Completely Alone in the Universe.


Perhaps, we feel alone in the universe.

The overwhelm of things needing to be initiated, completed or changed can weigh on us. This weight can feel heavy in the body. Inertia ties us down to experiences that we no longer want and these limitations are killing our very spirit.

Our spirit, in essence, is the gift that we have to give to the world.

How will we do it all? How can we do it if we feel all alone? How come we don’t see any options out of this suffering? All of these questions indicate a limiting belief system. They are telling us that we are being trapped in small self-identification or the human-centered paradigm.

When we are stuck in the human-centered paradigm we are susceptible to poison arrows or spells that don’t work and keep us constrained. Specifically, these thoughts are:

I have to do it all alone.
There are no options other than what I can see in front of me or that I can imagine.
I have to do it all by myself.
There is no help.
I don’t know what to do.
This is impossible, hard or will take a long-time.
I don’t know if I can do it.

If we are honest, we can all probably admit that we have heard ourselves say at least a few of the above statements out loud or to ourselves. These thoughts can lead to complacency or apathy because they are self-defeating. They do not support growing consciousness, health and longevity.

If we stop for a moment and feel how our body is when we are thinking them, we will realize that they alter our posture and make us feel tense and tight. Our emotions have a physical and obvious counterpoint.

An empowering way to look at our life is through the lens of cosmic consciousness.

Cosmic consciousness is not something for a special few. We all have access to wisdom in each and every moment. Wisdom informs possibility—this allows us to create new experiences for ourselves. We can choose what we invest our thoughts and energy in.

The Ah-ha moment is a breakthrough which allows us to access new parts of our psyche that we did not previously know about. When we have new information, we can make better choices.

People can often get into the trap of positive thinking.

They “think” themselves into a different state but this state is false and really just covering up a pervasive feeling of negativity in the body. It is not real in the sense that there hasn’t been new understanding about oneself—there is no growth, only conjecture. All that has happened is that in willing oneself to think positively, one has covered up something that they deemed unacceptable about themselves.

This happens a lot in the New Age community. The forced “love and light” does not actually go that deep. Underlying this tendency to avoid our real state of experience is a self-hating machine of unworthiness. Let’s be clear, this is not spiritual or very healthy.

We can however gradually train the mind away from patterns.

The trick is to enter our state of being through the body. The body knows regardless of what we tell it or try to hide from it. Some people do have real gut-level experiences that can be classified as mystical. The important thing to remember is that they are not special for these gifts—we all have access to a greater intelligence by virtue of who we are.

We have all had moments when we realized that we (in our limited understanding of ourselves) need more than what was visible in order to accomplish, create, or lead. There is a moment when it almost seems like we have to take a leap of faith. This leap of faith can be toward esoteric understanding (such as synchronicity, guardians, inner guides,) or we can look at it in a reductionistic view as simply the retraining of our brains to their innate abilities which encompasses a greater and greater capacity.

When we retrain our brains and look for something bigger than our limited views to guide us, we will find that we have access to more creativity, intuition and insight than we previously allowed ourselves to take in.

This is the way to empowering beliefs.

An empowering belief will feel good in the body. It will encourage us to comeback to the present moment—to listen and to know that we already know the answers we are looking for.


Tips for clearer communication with cosmic consciousness or infinite intelligence:

Know that you are connected—know that you know.

Our awareness and capacity is constantly growing and evolving. If we remember this and own it then we can be more empowered individuals. We needn’t look to someone else to have all of the answers. We can feel confident that we ourselves have access to the same wisdom that everyone else on this planet can connect to (some have just learned to market this ability exceptionally well).

Close your eyes regularly.

We live in distractible times with lots of information overwhelming our systems. You don’t have to do anything super fancy to meditate. All you need to do is close our eyes and breathe for a few minutes a day. Try this before you make any major decisions. Try it before you begin solving problems or send out e-mails. Trust that this practice is just as important as constantly doing and moving in the world.

Ask yourself to reveal answers that you had not thought of before by utilizing meditation, journalling and dream states. We have a wealth of resources available inside of us. Simple tools can help us access deeper awareness to life’s challenges and our purpose.


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Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Kaybee07/Flickr, Gayle Nicholson/Flickr


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