November 29, 2014

How to Write a Personal Creed.

Remember when iPhones first came out and it seemed like everyone had them?

Not everyone did but it seemed like it because your Reticular Activating System (RAS) and confirmation bias were hard at work, confirming and searching for what you have primed your mind to scan for in your environment.

The more you look for incredible experiences in your life and focus on the positive actions that bring them about rather than the negative of not having it—you begin to notice and experience more positive events and moments into your life.

Each morning, I choose to prime my brain for good experiences with my personal creed. It’s my secret sauce to being a boss.

With trillions of stimuli during the day, the brain has a filter that recognizes what we have programmed it to look for. The RAS, attracts our attention to more what we “want” to see. Thus, there is a biological basis for the “law of attraction.”

How to Write Your Personal Creed: Start with the big picture view then zone in.

I start my creed every morning, reminding myself of the grand scale of the universe. I remember how infinitely small and infinitely miraculous I am. The fact that I exist at all is a miracle.

Every morning I am filled with so much gratitude at the power of our universe and that I am part of it.

Then I remind myself that I am inherently God-like. I am by nature unique, eternal and complete. I’m divinity, having a human experience. I want to impress upon my consciousness that my very existence is about something bigger than myself.


Then, I focus on my purpose. My mission. I have a sentence that lights my fire every day. I remember why I am on this planet. I remember what I am creating today and the rest of my life.

I ask “how can I be of service?” Instead of asking what others can do for me today, I want to know how I can positively affect others through my actions. There is much strength in that.

For my creed, I also speak about the tribe I’m creating and am a part of: The Creative Warrior.

The Creative Warrior Embodies: 

Self-Awareness (through Fundamentals/Blissipline)

Being Love (Growing Relationships)

Serving Others (with Emotional Labor)

Gets Shit Done.

God, Universe, Source, Chuck Norris

Yours might look like: God is awareness of my body/thoughts, plugging into nature, love and moments that last forever.

Embodiment: States of Being

The second half of my personal creed is the imprint on my consciousness that I want to seep into the deepest recesses of my mind.

I want to commit to what I will be embodying today. 

The virtues, the states of being, the feelings and experiences I am going to radiate out to the world. The biggest part here is literally feeling the experience of the big-ness of those words.

Feel your words. This is the sweetest part. Make this luxurious. Bathe in these words. 

Examples from my Personal Creed.

I am comfortable in every situation. I am grounded, on Purpose and free.

I am inherently deeply relaxed, resilient, laser-focused, honest, curious, compassionate, bold, primal strength, beholding, optimistic, non-attached, having equanimity and tenacity, because I’m here to conquer this life!

I am the sky; everything else is just the weather. I am independent of others. I can hugely impact others with my greatness!

Today I am a linchpin, an indispensable artist, using emotional labor to gift myself to the world.

I fearlessly take massive action and I get what I want because I am expansive, boundless!

I will not blame, criticize, gossip—I check in with a better solution to how I show up. I create!

Lastly, I finish with this:

“Today, will be the greatest day of my life!

I will move through this day with intention, awareness and ease!

I only have good and great days and today is a great day!

I am here on a mission!

Exhale: amen!”

Pro tip: never print it!

It is a reiterative process. You are always changing. You are dynamic. You are never static or status quo so your sense of self shouldn’t be either. Your values change and your purpose well even mold slightly as you age and gain more experience in your chosen calling.

Best part is, this is not permanent. Every day you must choose this. It doesn’t have to be the same tomorrow. I only choose this creed today. I only stand by these principles of living today.

If I mess up, great! I get to try again tomorrow

Here’s to making today, the greatest day of your life.


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Author: Matt Cooke

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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