November 27, 2014

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Waxing Moon Cycle {November 22nd to December 6th}



*Vedic Astrology, or Jyotish, is one of the oldest sciences on the planet and considered a relative of astronomy. It is an important and valuable part of the ancient Vedic texts. This complex, logic-based, and also intuitive science, has survived thousands of years in India’s Vedic tradition and is still considered a highly valuable tool of guidance and life insight. It is not a religion, but rather a philosophical understanding of human and cosmic existence. In Sanskrit, Jyoti means light. Essentially, the study of jyotish is the study of light and how we interact with the cosmic light- within us and within the cosmos. Vedic astrology, or the sidereal approach to astrology, casts charts differently than Western, or Tropical astrology. The meanings, implications, and purpose of jyotish is therefor different, as are the details used for prediction and the indications given below.

This waxing Moon cycle brings us four planets transiting Scorpio—Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Venus—as well as an exalted Mars in Capricorn.

This is a powerful time of transformation.

Mars will help us with fulfilling duties, goals and action steps. If we are paying attention to our emotional landscape, we may notice an increase in anger, agitations and inner frustrations, as well as increased fear and other uncomfortable emotions. Potent and powerful messages are just under the surface if you’re willing to go deeper and ask what your deepest, darkest needs are.

Hidden in our shadows are gifts waiting to be found.

As mentioned in my New Moon Wisdom post:

“This cycle in many ways is the final extraction process of our past many months of dancing with all that has transpired in and through Libra. We are finally able to release what needs to be released, while keeping parts and pieces that we want. The next step will be to use what we’ve harvested and let the manure become the necessary nutrients for our garden of life.”

The next Full Moon is on December 6th with an exalted Moon in Taurus in the creative and benefic Rohini nakshatra. More on this in my next Moon Wisdom post.

Horoscopes for the Waning Moon Cycle {November 22nd to December 6th}

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: With four planets in your 8th house right now, it’s time to really do some deep investigative personal work. Use this time for transformation—changing old fears, vulnerabilities, traumas and haunts into awakenings and awareness. How far are you willing to go in order to change? At the same time, work is picking up and career seems to be charging forward mightily. Make goals, take action steps and be bold, but not at the cost of your personal development work. Or can they both inform each other? Self care practices continue to be helpful and important part of your personal process right now. This is non-negotiable.

Taurus: Your romantic compulsions are leading you right into your most important inner work right now. The mirrors coming to you from others in the coming weeks will be powerful reflections for you to introspect, transform and change—if you’re willing to go toward your darkness in the process. Learning from your anger, your pain, emotional turmoil and frustrations will be valuable, so charge forth! This is a time of depth and healing if you truly choose to use it as such. The gift you receive for your efforts will enhance your ability to receive, to be nurtured and nourished. Isn’t that what you are craving anyway?

Gemini: It is all about healing and being healed for you right now. Digesting and assimilating old patterns, behaviors and parts of your life that are long overdue. These pieces are connected to your creativity, courage, action steps, passion and relationships- all from your past. Suddenly, you are feeling charged and motivated to make some big, bold changes; Mars will help you with moving through your past once he moves to your eighth house. Your emotional body is a primary resource for you at this time. Your feelings connected to comfort, support, nourishment and money, will help you look into your shadows and see the missing links you’ve been over looking. Get comfortable with your discomfort.

Cancer: Your fifth house is crammed with four planets right now which helps you address aspects of your passion, your romantic needs and wants, as well as your creative abilities. Are you listening to your emotional body for the memos? Trust and safety issues come to the forefront for you, so be willing to go more deeply into your insecurities. I promise you there is a gift wrapped piece of your soul waiting in these emotional challenges, if you are willing to dive in and be curious about your darkness. Relationships are a challenging and yet powerful resource for you right now. What is your deepest need? And what aren’t you receiving in your life? What are the wounds that keep you from healing and moving forward? Go there.

Leo: Your heart-center, home life and emotional body is your central focus right now. Use this time to touch deeply on your emotions, your feelings, and your needs for comfort, safety and security. There’s a certain willingness to dive into your healing work right now as Mars exalts in your 6th house. What old patterns have been keeping you in the dark, locked into your shadows? Awareness and awakenings will be assisted by giving yourself ample alone time to linger in silence, contemplation and meditation. What parts of your past are keeping you trapped in fear, hurt and filled with anxiety? What is the brave face you wear truly hiding? Take your masks off.

Virgo: It’s taking all your courage and willingness to look into your biggest challenges. Right now, Rahu is still in your head. You’re either missing the biggest gifts of your shadow work, or diving right in! Creativity, the arts, the hands and arms, are all vital resources for you and your healing work. Make sure you are working directly with your body, mind and emotions in order to address what is holding you back on all three levels of your life. What is your resistance and where is it located in your body? What emotions are the most challenging and potent and how do you hide them? Be curious and start shining light into your dark corners. Dance with your shadows. As Mars goes exalted in your fifth house, your passion, digestion and anger get amplified. Take this as a good sign, but work with this properly to harvest the gold. Extract the passion.

Libra: Your second house is fully charged with four planets right now, while Mars is exalted in your fourth house of heart, home and liberation. This is a time period that tests your comfort levels. Discomfort is coming in multiple forms and effects your heart, your emotions and your sense of security. I ask you to go into these challenging feelings with curiosity, willingness and courage. Your current state of affairs (financial and otherwise) may seem to have no connection to your early childhood losses and disappointments, yet the planets say otherwise. What pieces of your childhood need to be confronted, cleaned up and healed in order for you to finally get the deep nourishment and comfort you so desperately crave? Your work is exploring the emotional body messages very intimately. Don’t forget to let the rage out in healthy ways.

Scorpio: It truly is your time to take the spotlight and you are likely feeling it. Your first house has four planets in it, meaning your head is filled with multiple types of energy, pulling you in multiple directions. Work with your past and the anxieties and fears that it challenges you with. Forge forth with creative and career projects. Liberate yourself from old relationship patterns and the vows you’ve made around them. Work consistently and methodically to reach your goals and aspirations. Mars is exalted right now in your third house of hands, creativity, the arts and communication. Be bold and make the most of this time in order to courageously move forward in your life- towards goals, desires and dreams. If you want it to happen, create it.

Sagittarius: Mars moves out of your head and into your mouth, your second house. Watch your anger levels for signs about your needs for nourishment, comfort and support. What is underneath the anger? What need has not been met for you and how is this connected to an early childhood wound you may be carrying still? Notice your food choices in relation to your emotions and avoid excess alcohol and intoxicants. With four planets in your twelfth house, focus on retreats, travel and alone time for now. This may help you digest some of the past that has yet to be assimilated. Seek resources and tools that help with this releasing and letting go phase. What are you finally ready to let go of and liberate yourself from? Look to your emotional body for clues, especially the challenging emotions that are stuffed neatly into your body.

Capricorn: You are charged and fully loaded right now Capricorn. In your usual work pony fashion, you know how to really push it into high gear to get the job done! With so many irons in the fire that are blazing hot, I have to be that voice of reason, the one that reminds you to pause and hit reset from time to time. Like every day, multiple times a day! These pauses will help you fully integrate the intensity occurring right now- in your relationships, in your head, with friends and possibilities. There are gains and losses right now, as there always are, and it’s your job to dance with both effectively. Pluses and minuses represent polarities and the grande illusion of separateness. For you, working with your vulnerabilities and weaknesses as actually the supportive allies that they are, will be important to contemplate and reconcile with. You might finally realize why you push so hard.

Aquarius: Your career is demanding most of your energy right now and requiring you to cut losses, find some silver linings, and re-prioritize. This is an ideal time to be thinking creatively and communicating effectively to get yourself recognized. Meet and greet the right people and be ready to make changes that have been a long time coming. Mars is exalted in your twelfth house right now. Relationships may be mixed with passion and rage. You are working with themes of nourishment, comfort and support right now. Your shadow has you both refusing to see what needs to change for your ultimate needs to get met, while simultaneously making you address this issue head on. Pay attention to your emotions right now. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.

Pisces: This is a powerful time for you, your wisdom and dharmic path Pisces. With four planets in your auspicious ninth house, it’s time to put the pieces together and step firmly into your life purpose. Look for clues in your emotional body wisdom. Sense and feel into your yeses and no’s. Serendipity and extra support are good signs that you are heading in the right direction, a nourishing direction. As Mars moves to your eleventh house, you will need to keep your momentum going with action steps, goals and maintaining focus on your desired outcomes. Working with self trust and intuition are vital as you become more attuned to what is right for you and what is wrong for you.

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