November 26, 2014

Making Good come from Bad. {Inspiring Video}

think this way youtube screenshot

Boredom, routine and frustration are all common occurrences in our everyday lives.

In fact, they are so common that dealing with them and other problems on an everyday basis sometimes makes us forget the fact that we are not the only or most important person in the world. Sometimes it seems like everything is just about us and everybody else is in our way.

And when we’re in the middle of one of those frustrating, routine moments, we have to remind ourselves that we actually do have a choice of turning this moment around and making something good from it. We can turn it around and make that boring, frustrating moment meaningful and sacred.

And that is the real value of education—to be aware enough to give yourself that option. The real value is not knowledge but awareness.

This video might be directed toward graduating students, but we can all learn an important lesson from it: pay attention, don’t think the easy and automatic way and remind yourself to make something good and meaningful from an everyday, routine moments.

Let’s try and find magic in the ordinary.


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Author: Katarina Tavčar

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Images: Youtube Screenshot

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