November 8, 2014

When Your Lover Leaves and Breaks your Spirit. {Poem}

messy hair

I see you over there, in the shadowed glen

All mussed up on purpose, your youthful pose,
Your sensitive hands, your soft-lilting voice
I remember the day when your summer rose.

You were barely a babe when you glanced at me
Solid and pink and inspired by light,
Your first words spoke deep like the darkest of rain
And your eyes lit the skies, and the nights a cool bright.

A few times you wandered out into the fog
Trampling your innocence, damaged by pain,
A few moments longer and I feared you were gone
But you returned to a slumber that never could wane.

I see you right here, shorn in rebellion robes
Trying to move swiftly from anything real,
Doing injustices that haunt your heart-soul
As long as you earn your spirit full-healed.

Lofty-eyed questions are now your game’s end,
As you ride like a squire and lend all your dreams
To anyone willing to take them as yours,
But no one knows nothing of a life so seamed.

I see you around, in this faded stark town,
As you bustle your ideas and brighten each face
Never mind that I have waited all spring,
To smell your sweet lips and what they might bring.

If given a chance, you could have been here,
In a way you belong, with the weight of your songs,
If given the years, I’d have felt your mind’s eye
But instead I’ve laid listless for you to belong.

Last evening I witnessed your warmth in the dark,
As you were sleeping, I echoed your fate
You still had a boyish sweat on your arms,
I felt it breathe deeply and harnessed its gate.

Away you will be soon, I feel your last kiss,
Your slow steady movements will hold me sweet
Away you will saunter in another girl’s gaze
While I taste bitter tears and billow in heat.



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Author: Francesca Biller

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 1 comment and reply

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