December 27, 2014

From Nothing, we can Finally become Something. {Poem}


I have given up everything that doesn’t serve my soul, beloved.

I have nothing.

“Perfect,” you say.

“Now you can finally begin.”


Don’t we remember?

To be empty is to be free

And that is it’s own blessing.


Only in emptiness can our souls traverse their true paths.

Only in freedom can our hearts break wide open.

Only in nothingness can we finally become something.


Nothingness is a rare, crystalline opportunity.


Because when we are fully empty,

The sweet, long-awaited honey of truth

Suddenly drips deeply inside

Drizzling us with wisdom richer than caramel.


Our starving souls lap it up, rising from the brink of death.

“I’m here,” they whisper weakly.


How could we forget to feed our hungry hearts?

To tend to our famished spirits?

To quench our thirsty souls?


Let us vow to nurture them more often.


Will you remind me, beloved?

“I am always reminding you,” you say.


Have we forgotten?


Each kiss of the wicked wind on our cheeks

Each glittering snowflake falling on our eyelashes.

Each painful drop of rain storming in our hearts


Is a luscious reminder

To nourish our ravenous spirits

And cherish our wild hearts.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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