December 19, 2014

How We Be. {Poem}

How We Be.

How We Be

We be here with the sun and moon and the galaxies between

We be here like a song making love to the rain

We be until the heart splits open and the pieces spill out like a mother jewel

Celebrate it dance with it

Caress its softest parts

Wait and hear it, the delectable sounds of life humming and offering itself in grace

Tap your feet in anticipation

Strum your fingers on a lap ecstatic

Imagine how it will feel on palms wide open receiving

Delight in the awe of how this is it

This is what made us and what we have created

In how stardust becomes the seed of all pleasures

We take it, close our eyes, say thank you to all the people and all the gods

Get on our knees to feel the earth source below

Raise our heads in love with the sun source above

We have it, it is here, it is ours, it came with our birth

And so we have, and we need nothing, it comes to this

We are passing through, we want what fills a life, nothing more

We are patient

Watch it come, watch it go

Keeping joy tight and close and warm

We be like this, full on love

Loving full


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Author: Tammy Stone

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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Read 2 comments and reply

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