December 12, 2014

How Yoga Taught me to Love Boobs.

sexier yoga

I like boobs and I am a straight woman.

It was not until after a tough journey that I came to realize their beauty.

I am shy about my body and used to get uncomfortable around other naked women, let alone around men.

I know exactly where all my extra pounds reside and try to hide them behind spanx and pray for no one to notice when I wear something a bit revealing. I know all my defects to perfection, but, in a way, I used to think these flaws were exclusively mine and everyone else managed to be flawless, cellulite-less and stretch mark-less.

Growing up I was always uncomfortable when I went with my mom to the dressing rooms in health clubs. I could not bear the sight of sagging bosoms and big bottoms. It was just too much for me to digest. Hence, until recently, I avoided taking a shower at gyms or yoga studios.

That was until I started practicing Bikram yoga. I never imagined this practice could change me in such a simple but profound manner.

Bikram yoga is sweaty.

There is no way to walk out the studio and not shower after 90 minutes of this intense activity. That was the first time I had to shower after a workout, and the showers are small and the dressing room communal.

How could I possibly do this?

During my first time showering in public, I made a conscious decision I would not care, not at all. I had to shower, and I had to coexist with other women. And for the first time I started observing them without judgment of them or myself.

I saw breasts of all sizes and forms in ladies of all ages and types. I realized that I was not the only one that had one breast bigger than the other—I am completely normal. Body hair is natural and it is a personal decision of what to do with it.

I started to accept who I am, without any judgments, and that I am okay. I realized that I am beautiful and unique.

Now, I like to see other women’s breasts. That reminds me mine are as beautiful as theirs, and that our bodies are wonderful and marvelous, especially because of the flaws and marks.

And that nobody is perfect.



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Author: Alejandra Lopez

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr, flickr

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