December 16, 2014

Maybe it is Okay. {Poem}

I need to try to unjudgingly acknowledge

that I am in a transitional phase.
I’m standing
between Before and Greater
and the passageway is shrouded,
unclear, uncomfortable.

My words are all wrong,
put-all-wrong, just-not-right
often reflected on later with a frown
that is my futile attempt
to persuade the Earth to swallow me whole
and incubate me through this
weird wordness,
till I can be sure
that I won’t hurt anyone,
or me.

I want to cry, kick and scream
out this strangeness miasma
that makes me make me
feel like an unworthy human being,

But I know my whip of judgement
isn’t helping,
that mutilation during transformation
only kills my spirit
that is rebirthing

Maybe, just for a while
it is okay
to be so painfully human,
so vulnerable,
so raw.

Maybe what comes next is worth it.


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Author: Anthea van den Bergh 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickrflickr

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Read 3 comments and reply

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