December 31, 2014

Now We Begin to Heal. {Poem}

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“It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.” ~ Cecil B. Demise

Two taps of my finger,

And I decelerate from seven to five mph over the posted speed limit, as I approach the state trooper on the shoulder of the road who is already busy serving up some justice,

Somewhere, Pavlov is smiling,

and the term “God fearing man” comes to mind.

This is where I split from the institution of church,

that mutation derived from the mystical, spiritual, metaphoric teachings that give us a taste of one man’s journey, a

view of higher consciousness;

To this, wolf in sheep’s clothing that entered the blood of our ancestors,

here with us, now,

lingering in the halls of our unseen places, whispering to any of those innocent and uncertain vagrants left

unattended and forgotten,

in those places we leave folded, patiently awaiting the light.

Propelled by fear,

We grip the rudder of our ship with white knuckles,

Vinegar in the crockpot,

we interrogate this fleshy dance with doubt and shame,

This image of perfection is an assault against your being, the teachers never intended on this,

They never intended on being manipulated,

They want you to rise into your greatness, to fully embody your meaningful existence,

to turn your eyes within.

When did our daily practice become avoidance and second guessing?

Meanwhile, our highest self withers into atrophy—this is not the divine will.

This force,

Which I am admittedly allowing to woo me, and hesitate to even utter a name for,

since I believe it prefers to be unnamed;

has always wanted us to find the temple within,

To go and explore wholeheartedly and to trust our experience,

To love all that we are,

To see and be seen clearly and openly,

To live with truth.

And this is the key,

To stay open, exposed with a steadfast faith that we will find our fellowship and support with this path, to embrace

our human imperfection and form a relationship with transparency that see us free

The source of life is tapped when we are willing to be dissolved into something greater.

When we say no to fear as a motivator, fear becomes a trusted teacher.

We are always saying yes to something, find it, touch that power.

We are saying yes to love, and all that lies in the mystery beyond.

This fractured humanity we live amongst, much like me, has broken itself against the law, the way…

Now we begin to heal.



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Author: Bryan Tramontana 

Editor: Emma Ruffin

Photo: Author’s Own


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Read 1 comment and reply

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