December 17, 2014

One Minute to More Energy & Higher Vibration. {Video}

enerchi mama

Whether you are seeking an energy boost or wanting to shift your mood, this simple technique will leave you feeling like you had a jolt of caffeine, without the jitters.

While I won’t begin to break down the equation E=MC2 or even guess at which came first, the energy or the mass times the speed of light, I’ll guide you to a higher state of being. From an energetic perspective, it is reasonable that if you increase your energy, you are also increasing the speed of your light, thus your vibration.

Higher vibration is equated with feelings of love, gratitude and joy. And when we’re living in this state, everything flows with more ease and grace.

You may be wanting to shift into a state of love. Or you may simply be wanting to feel more alive without drinking another cup of coffee.

This video will get you there, no matter which of those paths you are seeking.

Join me in this crazy, silly tapping technique to increase your energy and raise your vibration.




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Author: Stephanie Dodd

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own

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Read 4 comments and reply

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