December 23, 2014

True Wealth has Nothing to do with Money.

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What It Feels Like to Be the Wealthiest Woman Alive.

What makes me the Wealthiest Woman Alive?

I’m happily married (most of the time) to a good, loving, faithful, spiritually-minded, God-loving, good-looking, funny, playful, wise, soulful, affectionate, hardworking, creative, non-sports-watching, non-video-game-playing, book-loving, chick-film tolerant, generous, artistic, brilliant man.

I have three ridiculously beautiful, affectionate and healthy children who love each other fiercely (again, most of the time)!

We live in a home that has all the space we need for sleeping, an office, a safe fenced-in backyard, and a garage studio.

We drive a car that starts up every time (prayer only required on rare occasions).

We receive two hot meals a day–delicious, high-quality (Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods ingredients!) and lovingly prepared by talented chefs.

We get to eat those meals in the company of a colorful and mostly friendly group of people we’re gradually getting to know and love and think of as family.

We belong to not one but two fantastic church families and have finally “found our tribe” after years of praying and searching.

We also receive free internet access and have expanded our tribe across the globe through Facebook and blogging.

I have an amazing group of wild women who are excited to take the journey with me of creating an Inner Circle for our Tribe of Girlfriends.

I built an online community of moms who are truly there to support me and each other non-judgmentally whenever we have a moment of need,

I have cute clothes to wear, thanks to a couple recent deliveries of adorable hand-me-overs (some with the tags still attached)!

We live in an era of electricity, global communication, warm running water, innovation overload.

I’m extremely healthy and vibrant, and for the first time in a long time.

I’m excited about the future while not at all attached to anything changing–if everything were to stay just as it is right now for the rest of my life (which of course it can’t), I would be extremely happy.

I could probably keep this list going for another hour, but if asked how much money I have in my bank account and investment portfolio, I’m technically living well below the “poverty level,” could qualify for welfare and my net worth is a relatively large “negative” number (it’s in the high five digits––high five!)

Money is a crazy thing.

It’s what almost everyone in our culture is after and yet here I am with a life that many people wish they could have but one that money can’t buy.

I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone else, and I have yet to hear of anyone’s life that I envy.

That’s why I call myself the Wealthiest Woman Alive. And it feels fantastic.


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Author: Amanda Grace Harrison

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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Read 3 comments and reply

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