December 23, 2014

We Are Everything. {Poem}


Bird Song

We are everything, you and me.

We are sunlight


the veil of black morning.


We are shadow

stretched impossibly

on a broken sidewalk.


We are black dogs

with broken hearts,

red birds with no songs—

only wisdom.


We are gunshots


in a classroom,

broken lives shattering

on a sterile floor.


We are as anonymous

as clouds

when we leave the confines

of our hand-held world.


We are new wind

carrying the bird’s first song

at dawn.


We are blood dripping

from the poet’s pen.


We are fear

disguised as hatred

seeping from the eyes of

a tortured soul.


We are liquid love

and creation.


We are everything.

Believe in nothing.

Believe in us.

We are everything.

We are everything.

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Author: Peter Schaller

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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