December 12, 2014

What to Do in a Mojo Emergency.

bad morning

The first question to ask ourselves in a mojo emergency is:

Is this a mojo emergency?

Usually we will find the answer in how our day started—and progressed.

If, for example, our day started in a swirl of dissonance, tiredness and crankiness, with our barely getting out the door in time for work—preceded, of course—by not being able to locate the proverbial car keys. And if, despite the restoration of our composure on the way to work, we continue to fumble and stumble in the execution of the simplest of tasks, then yes, we have a mojo emergency going on.

What do we do to remedy this erratic energy flow? This may vary for each person; but I will share what works for me.

Three things: Concentrate. Meditate. Anticipate.

By Concentrate I mean a five minute pause/refocusing moment to reflect on why I haven’t been able to get my groove on or why I’m simply not on my game this particular day.

Am I holding and feeding off any residual negative/toxic energy from the previous day? An unresolved dispute with my partner perhaps, sadness or disappointment that is lingering in my consciousness, or simply exhaustion or a fitful night’s sleep that has depleted my energy.

I also concentrate on my intention for this day. Do I have one? Is it clear, pure and coherent? What I mean by this is, not that I have a checklist of intentions by the coffee-maker, but that I check in with my “inner compass” or disposition for the day. Is it calm, anchored and primed for a good day? Or is it obfuscated in a miasma of confusion and preoccupation?

We don’t need precision and predictability to have a good day. Just a benign, general sense of purpose, and a gentle receptivity to surprise, wonder and synchronicity. That’s all!

By Meditate I mean incorporating a five to 10 minute spiritually centering break into my day—preferably (if possible) before it begins—thereby averting a mojo emergency in the first place! And by meditation I simply mean a calming and stilling of the mind as I rest in my sense of divine presence. No Tibetan singing bowls or meditation appurtenances of any kind are required.

I simply sit restful and alert, imagining a gentle inflow of divine light, wisdom and consciousness, infusing my being and steadying my little life raft on the ocean of today.

We don’t need to be a monk or yogi to meditate.

We simply need to recognize that we are spiritual beings having a physical, linear experience; and that this daily experience is subject to the vagaries, drama and vicissitudes of life. Meditation provides an aperture to our One Divine Source of Being. And a five minutes realignment with our spiritual beingness, can repair any mojo malfunction!

By Anticipate I mean: now that I’ve concentrated (refocused) and meditated (spiritually realigned with Source), I’m in a position to joyfully anticipate a better, more fruitful and coherent second half of the day. It’s all too easy to slip into despair mode when a day gets off to a bad start. But despair is a choice; a regrettable one, that negates the promise of new life, new beginnings, and a fresh start.

So let’s not indulge it.

We all experience, from time to time, and for various reasons, kinks in the energy flow of our day.

Our confidence dips, our game is off and we’re not as self-assured and composed as we would like to be. It’s nothing more than the fickleness and frailty of the human condition. Therefore, drastic measures are not required to “fix” the problem.

A little concentration, a moment of meditation and a generous measure of anticipation are often all that’s needed to get the Mojo Emergency days back on track.

Take heart: our day holds more beauty and possibilities than we could ever imagine!

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Author: Gerard Murphy

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Graeme Law/Flickr

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