January 8, 2015

10 Tips for Putting Morning Sex on the Breakfast Menu.


Morning sex can be an amazing way to kickstart the day.

Sex releases the powerful feel-good chemical, oxytocin. Engaging in a bit of loving action first thing in the morning will leave us with lasting benefits throughout the day.

The benefits of an orgasm ensure our skin glows, our immune system is stronger, reduces stress, improves the memory, burns calories, detoxes the body and increases the bonding between a couple—they have higher levels of connection.

So, with this many positives, why is morning sex often forgotten, forsaken and dismissed?

Often when we wake we still feel a little tired and groggy.

We aren’t freshly washed, teeth aren’t brushed and our energy levels are low. All of these things combined can make the idea of sex a huge turn off, especially if we haven’t even had a chance to go to the bathroom to relieve ourselves of bodily fluids.

NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence) causes males (without erectile dysfunction) to have between three to five erections while they sleep. It is very common for a man to wake up fully aroused, which often puts him in the mood to initiate sex.

To make morning sex an enjoyable wake up call, here are a few simple things we can do.

Prepare. Preparation is the key for relaxed, smooth, carefree early morning sex. Before bed, ensure there are condoms on hand (if required), gels or lubricants, fresh mints to freshen breath and empty the bladder so that it is less likely to be full by the morning.

Set an alarm. Wake up a little earlier than usual, so that sex is not rushed and time can be taken to enjoy it.

Arouse one another gently. Sensual, soft and gentle touching and kissing will most likely be most appreciated first thing in the morning. Everyone takes different amounts of time to awaken, so it is important to give our partners time to get into the mood in their own time and not be rushed.

Fantasise. Remaining in a slumber like state, we can continue any dreams or fantasies our minds may have been visiting. Use it as an opportunity to dreamily share a scenario with our partners to raise arousal and heighten desire.

Blindfold. Keep a couple of sleep masks by the bed and either one, or both wear them so that we can forget about messy hair and other worries and use all of our other senses which will be alert to connect and find our way around one another.

Spooning. Possibly the most comfortable sexual position for morning sex, it avoids being face to face first thing and is also a loving and intimate position, which leaves the hands free to allow them to wander.

Use Pillows. When feeling a little lazier than normal, pillows underneath us can mean that less effort is needed. While in missionary position, with the female on her back, a pillow or two under her lower back can lift the pelvis to just the right position for an orgasmic position. Plus it will make the male penis feel bigger due to the angle. Pillows can be placed in various positions to assist and support to achieve more intense results. Play around with them to see what works best.

Hands. If full sex is unwelcome, just use the hands to pleasure one another—or engage in oral sex. Use flavoured and scented lubricants to provide a delicious taste and smell.

Feel confident. Forget the morning light peeking through the curtains and any body insecurities that may pop into the mind. Recognise that the only things that should be important in these moments is a full, authentic and passionate connection between two bodies. Confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons and is very sexy. Drop inhibitions and concentrate only on giving and receiving pleasure.

Shower together. Either shower together before sex or have morning sex together in the shower. Rub aromatic gels into one another’s bodies and turn rubbing and touching one another into foreplay. Sex from there will just come naturally.

If time is of the essence, morning sex does not need to be a long full-blown session. Indulging in a quickie in the morning can be just as heated, passionate and erotic.

It means we can skip the gym, having already received a good work out and can head out for the day with a smile breaking out every time our memory slips back to remind us of our early morning activity.

Sex will energize us in the morning in a way that coffee fails to do, leaving us with a post-coital glow that no amount of make-over can achieve.

While we may half-forget sex from the night before, we will find it very difficult to get the thoughts of morning sex off our mind.

Plus, we can keep the teasing going between one another by little texts to remind one another as the day goes on—preparing for a night of passion ahead.

And if there isn’t a partner at hand, well, there are plenty of pleasurable ways to orgasm alone.



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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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