January 16, 2015

Can a Status Symbol be Homemade?

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I just bought a used car.

In order to curb the guilt of owning a car in a polluted world, I chose a secondhand, fuel efficient model.

Part of the “blessing” of a buying a used car are its quirks—broken or missing parts. But, that’s why they’re affordable.

The car I picked out is mechanically sound and has low miles, so I was able to see past the missing hood ornament.

For about a week.

It was driving me crazy, seeing all of the cars like mine, driving around town with their hood ornaments shining. Brand name recognition was eating at me. I had to keep up with the Joneses.

I guess I would just give in and go buy one. How much could a hood ornament cost?

New: $99 plus tax! Used: $19.90 plus shipping! For a hunk of metal?

No thanks!

I’m a creative person. And I’m frugal. I decided to just make my own hood ornament.

I rummaged around the kitchen, found some old mason jar lid rings, some waxed twine and a pair of tin snips. 10 minutes later I had finished my masterpiece. Voilà!

When we’re clever enough to use reclaimed materials to make useful things, we’re respecting the limited resources of a jam-packed world.

I didn’t know how people would react. When I showed my mechanic, he appreciated it and said I was artistic.

It makes others feel smart when they can figure out what materials we used to make our creation.


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Author: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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Read 6 comments and reply

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