January 26, 2015

I Will Beg No More. {Poem}


Wild woman

Not again.

I said not again.

No more pleading wheedling smiling sweetly while seething writhing desperately screaming: ‘love me!’

No more flirting teasing squeezing caressing suggesting unveiling-my-breasts stroking-his-chest batting my eyelashes.

Not unless reciprocated.

Not unless Chosen.

Deemed good-enough-sexy-enough-worth-his-time-enough-not-too-tired-enough.

A denial indicates desperate-enough-not-valued-enough-not-attractive-enough-too-slutty-enough…

these nymphomaniacal tendencies will be the death of me…or?

Or: stop.

No more (slut) blaming shaming name calling.

No more at his beck-and-stalling.

No more self-worth tied to falling twisting together within the sheets or my heart.

Want me or don’t want me.

I will beg no more.


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Author: Sarah Martin

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo Credit: nauright at Flickr 

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