January 9, 2015

If Self-Doubt hits like a Sledgehammer, Read This.


Self-doubt can hit us like a whirlwind.

We are swept away by confusion just as we think that we’ve figured it all out, and we have, but self-doubt is a tricky creature.

She takes our hands, and urges us to slather our faces with cover up, and a quick brush of blush as if we felt bashful without the makeup, and yet all those layers will never hide our true self.

Self-doubt wants us to be in a state of constant uncertainty.

She encourages us to cut our long lengths of hair into a pixie style, refreshing, but we know it won’t really change who we are underneath the style.

Self-doubt asks too many questions.

And most of them are foolish ones because we know—if we’d only listen—that the answers are already inside us.

And, of course, self-doubt will never be one of those answers—just a flirtatious grin—that will be tempting, at first. But then we’ll hear her voice—that loud annoying gritty whine—and we’ll say, hello, politely.

And then we’ll graciously explain to self-doubt that we honor her job duties, but we’ve got way too many other things to do. Because we don’t have the room or the time for her story in our lives.

Tell self-doubt that we are so over her string of words collected to create a sentence of hesitation, and instead let’s listen to a sweeter voice: courage.

She’ll hug us with words such as: “you’ve got this,” and “I’ve got your back,” and of course, “go ahead, try it because I know that you are more than brave enough” because you are amazing.


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Author: Jes Wright

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Images: Tiffany Noles-Bailey/Pixoto 

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