January 11, 2015

Safety in Worry. {Poem}

Photo: Author's own.

it’s safer to be cynical

joy takes a leap of faith
easier to assume defeat
than to anticipate
the greatest outcome there could be

it hurts to jump that gap
much less work: give up at first,
lie down and take a nap

suffering is certainty
so why not focus on it?
mountainous negativity
let’s build our life upon it

joy is floating on a cloud
so whimsical and fleeting
why chase wisps, ethereal,
when pain’s such easy meeting?

I built the safest mountain
for I knew no other way
Have some trouble? Wonderful!
My project for the day.

I’ve always borrowed worry
any chance I had to do so,
aware fully that it was
unhealthy, yes, I knew so

Mind tricks are insidious
mostly once they’re habits
all possible bad outcomes
jumping wildly like mad rabbits

inside my piqued monkey mind
the bunnies made their burrow
as I looked front-left-sideways
mostly-always at tomorrow

Now’s the hardest place to be
when one has many worries
Difficult to slow it down
from pacifying hurry

But if you can relax your pace
just long enough to breathe
You will find a wondrous space
of openness and peace

Hard to change a lifetime’s worth
of great anxiety
But its rewards include a union
with society

Sit, stay, heal,
I’ve said it once,
I’ll say it once again
Only with the gift of space
can you be your best friend.

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Author: Rebecca Polan

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s own.

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