January 2, 2015

The World’s Sexiest Food. {Raw, Vegan Recipe}


Like good food, good sex is something that most of us crave, or want more of, from time-to-time.

For centuries, various cultures have sought out so-called aphrodisiacs. While the science is iffy on many of them, there is one well-known food that German researchers have shown can increase the libido, and according to well-known British nutritionist Gillian McKeith, can cause “your lovemaking antics to soar.” That food is raw sauerkraut.

While most people may not consider sauerkraut to be very sexy at all, the benefits of this humble, fermented food is well-documented. For one thing, it is full of beneficial bacteria which is essential for good gut health. (For many, this may be even more important at this time of the year since so many of us overdo it on sugary, processed food during the holiday season.)  Another advantage is “[c]abbage contains natural isothiocyanate compounds (such as sulforaphane), which have cancer-fighting properties.”

However, not all sauerkraut is alike. The stuff sold in cans in most supermarkets and used as a topping on hotdogs tends to be overpasturized to within an inch of its life, thus killing off all the good bacteria.

While raw sauerkraut can be found in most natural food stores, it is much cheaper to make it at home. Contrary to popular belief, making it doesn’t require a special crook. I have successfully made several good batches in a half-gallon jar. (Indeed, I would recommend holding off buying a crook until you make a few batches and decide if raw sauerkraut is to your liking.)

Below is a simple, basic recipe for raw sauerkraut that, if refrigerated, will keep for a year or so:

3 pounds of green cabbage (set aside one outer leaf)

1-2 teaspoons of sea salt

1 teaspoon of pepper (optional) 

1. Slice the cabbage into fine ribbons and place in a bowl. Add pepper if using it.

2. Massage cabbage with the salt. Brine will start to form.

3. Add the cabbage and liquid to a crock or half-gallon jar. Pack it firmly until all the air bubbles are out. (The brine should be on top.)

4. Top the mixture with the outer cabbage leaf. Now, place a water-filled sealed jar on top of the mixture. (Ideally, everything should be under brine.) Now cover with a dish towel and place in a cool, dry place.

5. Check on the mixture after a week. If it is still isn’t fermented enough, then let it sit for another week and check on it. It may take 4 weeks or more for it to be ready.

6. Once done, carefully remove any scum that forms on the top and store in the fridge.



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Author: Kimberly Lo

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wikipedia


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