January 18, 2015

Tipping is Immoral. {Video}

Why Tipping Should Be Banned ~ Adam Ruins Everything

Update: “An iconic Seattle restaurant is trying its own experiment, raising the pay of its lowest workers directly to $15 an hour, getting rid of tips, and raising the prices on its menu [to cover costs].” They expect the hourly staff’s annual income will likely be the same as, or higher than, last year’s income.

Step in the right direction?

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For more: Does the culture of tipping make waitresses more vulnerable to sexual harassment? (washingtonpost.com)

Tip-dependent waitresses endure sexual harassment (money.cnn.com)

‘As A Waitress, I Brush Off Sexual Harassment Because I Just Want My Tip’: 90% of female restaurant workers report sexual harassment from customers. (alternet.org)

You have to tip. But Adam is here to tell you why you shouldn’t have to.


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