January 24, 2015

We’re All a Bit Goofy.


Here’s a funny thing.

But it’s true.

That sadness we feel? The feeling of everything being awful and not being able to see outside of a particular situation, thought or event?

It’s a lie.

Yep. A lie. Don’t trust it.

Perhaps we need to sit with it for a while and throw things walls and perhaps we need to cry and scream and self-destruct for a minute or two. Put some System of a Down on and let the pain shoot out of your eyes like evil laser beams for a while.

Let the sadness run around us and shut the world out for a minute. And then stand up, take a deep breath, a really deep breath, and realise it isn’t everything. Because it really isn’t.

And an even bigger truth is that it probably doesn’t even matter. More likely than not, it’s all in our head. We’ve made a problem where there was none.

And really, if I’m totally honest, we should have a good laugh at ourselves.

Because I’m having a tiny, very respectful and empathetic laugh at you.

The thing is, once we step outside of that thought that’s sucked us in—its made up, dramatic whirlwind of trauma, we will probably see it for what it is. And it’s kind of funny that we all fall for it so often and are oh so serious about it.

Imagine, just for a second, that what we’re feeling helpless to escape is not our entire world and it does not consume your entire mind.

Imagine that it may be possible to go the rest of our day not only not thinking about it, but it really not mattering one tiny weeny bit. It doesn’t have to dictate everything else. Everything else can happen just as it was going to, be just as wonderful and just as perfect even though that thought happened.

We are bigger than the things we let control us. You are beautiful and heartfelt and wonderful and integral.

But we’re also a bit of a goof.

And that’s just the way it should be—beautiful with a sprinkling of crazy.


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Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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