February 13, 2015

10 Ways to make a Little Valentine’s Romance on the Cheap.

 breakfast in bed

Don’t go broke on Valentine’s Day!

1. Burn the one you love a CD or create a special playlist.

2. Have a candlelit picnic—indoors or out, regardless of weather. Simply spread a blanket on the floor and watch the magic happen.

3. Bring your love coffee or tea in bed.

4. Write them a poem or write down a poem you love on special paper.

5. Draw your lover a bath and give them a massage without expectations.

6. Write a list of 50 things you love about your lover and give it to them.

7. Light all the candles in the house, order take out and dance in the dark.

8. Go for a night walk under the stars.

9. Sit in front of each other and say aloud what you appreciate about the other—popcorn style (you go, then they go).

10. Dream with one another and write the story of what you want your next year to look like together.


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Author: Tamara Star

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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