February 13, 2015

A Soul Never Forgets.


Peter Hellberg via Flickr

One day she was cleaning out an old memory box.

There was a letter from him.

She smiled.

It started out funny and cute.

At the end it read,

“I will spend my life proving my love for you.
We will always be together.
I will love you to the end of forever.”

Her heart stopped.

And for a split second she was overcome with a deep understanding for everything.

She realized that she had believed him.

She didn’t even remember receiving the letter.

But her soul had never forgotten.

Once our soul believes something, it never stops.

There wasn’t much memory of him left.

But the good feelings he gave her lived inside her heart.

With him she was alive. Heard. Comforted. Sexy.

Her heart opened up for a minute to feel.

Then she tucked the letter back into the box.

It was as though she was folding up a piece of truth.

What is the past anyway?

A memory of a nonexistent land?

A road leading to now?

She walked over to the mirror.

It was the first time she could see herself in a long time.


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Author: Natalie Clavio

Apprentice Editor: Hilda Carroll/ Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Peter Hellberg/Flickr

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