February 17, 2015

How I love you.

 couple kissing rain umbrella

I love you like the trees love the earth.

Like the birds love the clouds and as the wind loves the ocean.

I love you courageously and tenderly. Determined to weather the waves of our fears and attentive to the sting of our pasts.

I love you humbly, as the passing of time and yet welcome you in to the majesty of all that I could be.

I love you with anticipation and nerves. Excited at our potential and scared of how we hurt each other.

I love you with distance given and time taken. Space to love ourselves is beautiful but battled by my restless heart that’s chosen yours.

I love you as a protector. As a warrior and as teacher. Not to save or diminish you, rather to hold your heart in all that hurts and to show you how my heart hurts as well.

I love you as a touch. A look, I’ll hold you there. In you and with you. We are stars creating stars. Exploding through universes with screams and moans and grasping hands.

I love you as an imperfection. With all my shards and all their blood, on hands and knees and in silent confusion. I love you through the cracks. For they are windows to my soul.

I love you as an adventure. The summit being our peace and stillness and every step a journey in to the ether. You are a mystery and a solution, a lock and a key. You are all of you and and I’ll give you all of me.

I love you with long words and structured sentences. With fanciful phrases and adoring adjectives. And whilst I could compare us to fins and tails or coffee and wood smoke or raindrops on windows, more than all of that, I love you with three simple words.

I choose you.


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Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photos: pixoto, pixoto

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Read 6 comments and reply

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