February 9, 2015

Let our Love Make Love, Not our Bodies.

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I don’t want to swap my love for your body. Have my love anyway.

Let’s not love because we shared our bodies. Let’s love first and then through our bodies, connected in blissful, honoured union. No doubts, no fear. An overflowing of the cup, not the cup itself.

We don’t have to do it like that anymore. Not like we did. We don’t need it. We both want love so let’s do that instead.

Don’t offer me the skin without the soul. For I am just as weak as the others and will take it even against my moral nudgings. Tempt me with your spirit, seduce me and reveal often hidden patches of your heart. Dance on my mind and let your insecurity’s clothing fall slowly to the ground. Give me that first, and my body will follow.

Let’s not give anything as we have given before. I’m sorry my love, but we deserve better than that. We are not a list or a repeat of the past. We should never settle for less than being the end of a pattern. Never part of it. We are not here to please the other, nor please ourselves with the other. We are here to be loved, set free and to push each other to grow. Let’s never have anything in common with the rest. I simply can’t abide it. Tell me often and I’ll show you back.

Love me like you’ve never loved before and I’ll love you as my first.

I am not interested in approval seeking or mere satisfaction filling. Not at first. Let’s at least let our souls settle in the security of our love so we can trust in the intimacy of being there for the other, that there is more to it than sweat and writhing. Your body and mine are far too special for the speed at which we’ve given them away in the past. It’s time to prove to each other, to ourselves, that what meant little once can mean everything now. That the gift is not of our bodies, but what comes before that and under that and around that and with that. That from now on, our bodies are simply the vehicle, the art, not the offering.

So let’s stop looking now. We are worth more and our sexuality a gift huger and more precious than we have ever been shown and perhaps ever realised. And the truth is, there’s always more. That now is what matters and we have to trust our intentions.

Our sex is a wonder.

I see it.

And yes I want it.

But not as before.

Not before our hearts.

A new magic. A splendid realisation of everything it never was and everything it can be.

Teach me. Fall safely in to these arms and I will hold you. I want to be everything you’ve searched for. Everything you’ve wanted. And everything that never was.

Lets stop trying. We are fine as we are. Our sex is not our love. So let’s let our love make love, not our bodies. And perhaps we’ll heal what we’ve broken and find what we’ve lost.

Hearts forward, souls settled our bodies will follow. And that’s exactly how I want it.

I love you. That’s the entirety of it. Our bodies will dance once we see our hearts.



Dear Beautiful Wanderer.


Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wikipedia

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Read 2 comments and reply

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