February 27, 2015

Let’s get Lost.

let's get lost

I want to get lost with you.

Take my hand into the unknown. We two on an unexpected journey.

We will fight battles against trolls and fight for the good. We will run into the wild nature, let it nurture and give us shelter.

Shivering in the cold night, we share the warmth of our bodies, forgetting all about our silly quarrels.

Because the night has nothing to offer but cold and a sky full of stars.

I will fall asleep listening to your heartbeat and your deep, quiet breathing.

We will wake up, our eyes demanding more sleep and our bodies feeling like heavy boulders. But we have to go on.

In silence and half-asleep, we continue our way as the sun takes its rightful place on the highest throne. It shines majestically as a lion and we are caught in its wind of heat, a forever roar. Our necks are burning and our throats feel like we have been without water for weeks.

We are laying on a field with grass so high, no souls will see us, except the gentle birds gracefully flying above our heads.

With grass straws in our mouths, our legs are crossed and no worries cross the corners of our minds. The straws give us the tiniest juice of sweet. In truth it is mostly bitter, but we learn to like it.

We climb and hang on trees with our bare, dirty feet.

Swearing to the small crawling spiders, but quickly forgetting them when seeing the tail of a troll.

We will sing in the rain, re-tell stories and tales, creating melodies and poetry from our hearts. Let’s fight and be stubborn as well as enjoy each other’s silence. Let’s wander and wander, listening to the bird’s songs—letting it guide us in lost times.

Take my hand into the unknown, where I cannot promise you dinner everyday. We shall share the few drops of water from the rain and steal juicy apples from the bitter farmer. And re-discover the purity of nature.

Let’s reveal the secrets within our souls, and strip down what we have been taught, as if being is not enough.

Let all our senses be open and take in everything that comes across our path.

Let’s get lost together and find the only thing there is. Hidden deep in the heart of the forest. Let us not be afraid of time and death. We’ll grasp the minute and make it timeless.

Let’s get lost together and in each other in times of hunger and need.

Let’s stick together in all seasons. Beginning when the sun changes the colour of your eyes, till a snowflake lands on the tip of your nose. Let’s discover the pure beauty of our beings.

I will promise to share my journey with you.

I promise that I will try to carry you when your feet are too sore and your heart is too tired to continue.

I promise to fight the battles with you and have your back in times of danger.

We will talk about the mysteries of life, pointing our fingers towards the stars, whispering.

I promise to let us fall asleep in each other’s arms. I promise to shelter you with all my love and warmth.

Just take my hand into the unknown and let’s get lost.


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Author: Mariya 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author, flickr

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