February 24, 2015

Misfits of the World, Unite! {Video}

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Do you recognize this?

Ever since first seeing this as a kid it had a huge impact on me.

I had no idea that it still would impact me so deeply as an adult.

I never felt like I ‘fit in.’ This seemed to be consistent theme everywhere I went. I was always trying to be like others because of characteristics I admired in them. I thought if I would be like them I would be much happier and fulfilled.

The feeling is like trying to force a cylinder in a square peg, or like trying to wear a shoe that is too small. It looks and feels terrible but I continue to go through the torture anyway just to fit in.

Sometimes we just have to take a huge, scary risk and be ourselves no matter what. 

The is something that is very frightening and unnerving by not following the crowd. Will they protest, or try to get you to change your mind with their opinions and belief systems? Will you be ostracized and sent away because you are not following the norm?

So what.

It’s better to be a leader of your own life then a follower who does not have the courage to listen to the beat of his own drum.

Be a rebel. Rebels don’t just trailblaze, they blaze trails.

So much energy and liberation comes from following your own heart despite what anyone else says. When you truly listen to your own being—-you give yourself permission to shine, and when you shine you give others the same.

So, why not go for it? Let’s let our ‘misfit flags’ free and follow our bliss!




 Don’t let Anything Stand in the Way of your Dreams. 


Author: Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya

Editor: Renee Picard

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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