March 1, 2015

Whenever I’m Feeling Down, I take 5 Minutes & Read this.


Sometimes I look back on the four months I spent at an art program in Greece as my era of enlightenment, or something.

This is partly because I came to know a musician/artist/guru/sorceress named Abby, who seemed to know all the answers.

I reached such a blissful, purposeful state in Greece that my only fear was my fall—what would happen when I returned home and was stuck in traffic and staring at screens, not painting and floating in a freezing marble ocean?

To return to that place of ease, trust and play whenever I needed to, I wrote down a short list of lessons from Abby. My journal is ripped and wrinkled from the time it spent in the salty air soaking up this simple wisdom. It says this:

What to do when home (from Abby):

—Cooperate don’t compete.

—Tell yourself “I love you.”

—Eat slowly.

—Drink a glass of water when you wake up and go to sleep.

—Trust abundance.

—Stretch in the morning.

—Fear means something great is about to happen.

—Listen to inspiring podcasts.


—Reach out. Touch people.

—Lighten up.

—Enjoy what your company has to give.

—Keep a happiness project—read it!

—Give your creativity an outlet.

—What makes you grow? Do it, especially if you are scared to.

—Some scientists say 32 suns are born every second. Be open to possibility!

—Give spontaneous gifts.

—Cook for people.

—We are the ones who decide how to interpret our situations.

—Be where you are.

Greece was three years ago but Abby remains one of my dearest, truest friends. Check out her Facebook page and listen to her music! Her voice awes me and her wisdom, even years later, continues to uplift me.



Author: Caroline Beaton

Photo: Davide Pietralunga/Unsplash 

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