March 26, 2015

Procrastination the Dream Killer. {Funny Video}

Procrastination Flowchart - Imgur

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”

~ Spanish Proverb

Every time we procrastinate it puts us further and further away from our dreams.

Procrastination is about not being able to bring ourselves to do the things that we really want to do. It’s as if we are having a fight within ourselves. One part of us wants to do something and the other part does not.

Most of us have an “inner perfectionist” inside and we use procrastination as a self handicapping tool to avoid personal failure.

It’s an unconscious self sabotaging technique that we do to keep from expanding. It is all based and rooted in fear. We do it because somehow deep inside we do not think we are capable of the task at hand. We don’t believe in ourselves or trust ourselves that we will have the energy or resources to see it through.

It is in insidious enemy. Procrastination, if allowed, will seduce us into a comfortable, cozy slumber slowly killing all of our dreams.

I have been known to be the queen of procrastination. I grew up in New Mexico, the land of mañana, translating into, “I will do it tomorrow” and when tomorrow comes, once again I will say the same thing. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into years and before you know it your life has passed you by.

Even when I am procrastinating, everything else seems more enticing than what I should be doing, including cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry. Just writing this short article I procrastinated at least five times. I have struggled with this pattern my whole life and it’s time to rise above it.

The only battle we have to overcome is the battle with ourselves. There is no magical solution or technique to overcome this habit. Don’t put off tomorrow what can be done today. The only method to the madness is to do just do it!


Author: Sarvasmarana Ma Nithya

Editor: Travis May

Image: globalnerdy.com


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