March 8, 2015

The Gift of a Woman’s Voice.

goddess women Four_Seasons_by_Alfons_Mucha,_circa_1895

It has been my privilege to know and read the words of many soulful, magical women.

The more I share my words, the more words of unique, brave women filter their way to me.

Often, I sit alone in the sacred room where I perform my best magic, with candle burning and tears flowing, reading something that my fellow female creature has penned. I am grateful for the gift of a woman’s voice.

Women, do you know that planets shift when you speak?

Do you know that the sun explodes fiery secrets to the Universe when you write from your soul?

Do you know that the moon’s tides ebb and flow with every expression of your heart?

Do you know that with each syllable you utter, consciousness shifts and men with honor, bravery and peaceful strength are born?

Woman, your words are what stirs the cosmos…what brings men to their knees…what creates a deep knowing within The Goddess.

It is She who walks with you on the lonely road.

It is She who guides your steps when you have lost your way.

It is She who embraces you when you question your decisions.

It is She who stand by silently and powerfully when you lie on the ground seemingly defeated, screaming your pain to the silent sky and letting your tears soak the earth beneath you.

It is you, woman, whom the Goddess learns from. She and you are One. There is no sweet incarnation of the Goddess without the words that flow from your inner sanctum.

She is only because you are.

The more you learn about yourself, woman, the more Earth learns about herself. Your emotions are what feed the rainbow river of life. When your pen speaks your truth, the world opens to possibilities of the lying down of arms. Opens to the song of Shakti, ever flowing, like the blood you spill when Luna calls your name.

Woman, you have spilled your life force so that we might learn to walk the path of tolerance and love.

You have been burned, drowned, hung, tortured and spat upon.

And yet, you continue to gift us with your words of forgiveness and shower us with insights from your ever expanding being. Without your words we would be lost to the darkness of the unknown.

Once, a long time ago, in a place where light was not yet expressed, where all that could be lay still within a gossamer wrapped cocoon; Goddess spoke and her word found wings.

And since that time, it has been the word of a woman that has kept the planets spinning and the galaxies from collapsing.

From your word, your womb births realities.

Women gift me more of your words. For I cannot live without the fruit of your pen. All that is and all that will be, survives on the ink you spill, the essay of your grace.





To Our Sisters who Have Been Silenced: We Hear You.



Author: Monika Carless 

Editor: Renée Picard 

Image: Wiki Commons 

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Read 3 comments and reply

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