March 25, 2015

Warriors of the Rainbow Spirit.


What if everything we’ve been taught about ourselves is wrong?

What if we think we’ve been taught how to think, but we’ve really just been taught to think alike?

“When we all think alike, then no one is thinking.”  ~ Walter Lippman

What is “normal” and how have we created it?

Conformity harbors fear as the group mentality promotes what is considered normal behavior. Those who are brave enough to step out of line face close scrutiny. Those who walk to a different beat are condemned to face a symphony of voices singing the same tune. Swim against a tidal wave—who would choose that? Who is brave enough to face the world of group-think indoctrination?

Ignorance does not endanger. Only knowledge is dangerous. It endangers those who set agendas and are empowered by ignorance.

Those who can think will question everything. An innocent person does not question. He can be easily manipulated by superstitions. Superstitions are projections of the mind that can either help or harm.

The herd are the hoi polloi, the proletarian—all of us who can’t see or who can see, but choose not to look. It is all of us who do not want to resist the force of the masses. Entanglement is what we have created as human societies. Perception is everything.

We are all innocent—we come from original innocence. The purity of our souls cannot be corrupted. Ever. We know inherently that we are good.

If we look for solutions in the same places that caused those problems in the first place, we will revolve around the same circles of dysfunction forever. To free ourselves means to choose to think and allow space for transformation. It is to stop trying to be like everyone else. Evolution involves and requires change. It also involves a separation from the masses, and a conscious decision to practice stillness.

Even if we learn to tune in to our inner feelings, we will still remain connected to the collective unconscious. If we know something to be true, it may still appear as false if the unconscious energies directing large bodies of consciousness make it so.

There is a deep initiation going on. Are we switched into the collective or into ourselves? Is the pain we are feeling our own? Can we differentiate between what is our own “stuff” and what is others’?

To be able to think is not as simple as it sounds. It goes against our programming. We must face our predetermined behavior and the fog of collective fear, including our feeling of that we are lacking, our poverty consciousness and our fear of the other.

Nothing is as it seems. Mother Earth is giving birth and this birthing process is chaotic. From this maelstrom, the systems must break down completely (recapitulate) before the in-gathering can unfold and a new, more evolved species can manifest. Birthing pains can only be transmuted if embraced. Entropy is a harbinger for a new dawn. Abundance is infinite. We have always been free—and will always be.

We are fighting this chaos and entropy as if we can prevent it from taking hold. The harder we fight, the more we prevent its resolution.

What if we welcomed this process as a natural process of life, maturity and evolution?

Chaos could be liberating if we accept it.

The issues that have been brought to the surface that we are unwilling to face will continue to emerge until we are brave enough to face and resolve them.

Each one of us has signed up for this journey. We are here for a deeper purpose, a divine purpose. It is time to take our power back. Whatever we believe in will prevent our liberation from taking place. The sooner we are able to release and dissolve our egos, and bring all shattered pieces of ourselves into our hearts, the sooner we will all be ready to go home.

Where is home?

It is the here and now we have been avoiding. Facing that which we do not wish to feel is too close for comfort.

Healing is happening; the unavoidable is coming.

What is our deepest fear?

We don’t want to feel. We don’t want to face ourselves. We don’t want to face the possibility of not existing, the possibility of death.

We are so afraid of feeling hopeless, feeling our darkness, experiencing our shadow. We don’t want to ever have to face giving up. Our shadows cast a giant void over our authenticity.

The foundation is freedom—it allows a clear space from which to create, to build new structures aligned to the true self. Liberation is facing every part of ourselves, including our impotence, our nothingness—and inviting emptiness is the most liberating step.

Will you do what you’re told—or will you choose freedom?



The Power of Mind & Its Role in the Shaping & Deconstruction of Consensus Reality.


Author: David G Arenson

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Photo: Alice Popkorn/Flickr


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