March 1, 2015

What Our World might have Looked Like without Dr. Seuss.

The Conservative Lorax

I recently read that scientists have proven the existence of parallel worlds.

In a nutshell, as I understand it, each decision we make can split off on its own and create its own reality.

So, in essence, there are millions of other worlds existing out there based on the different things we do and do not choose to do. A choose-your-own-adventure, if you will (and if you won’t, just humor me for a minute).

For instance, there’s a world out there where China rules all, one where North and South Korea were never divided and live in peace, and one where Dr. Seuss was clever, but negative and pessimistic writer. He was one who didn’t care for children or made-up places. He frowned upon silly and turned his back on ridiculous.

We are lucky, however, to have lived in the version of the world with an optimistic, silly, and imaginative Dr. Seuss. One who was willing to abandon all reality, live in the clouds, make up words, make up worlds and talk to animals. One who did so and cheerfully encouraged his readers to do the same.

He gave us the wonderfully charismatic Cat in the Hat, the environmentally concerned Lorax, and the not-rooted-in-reality-even-a-little-bit Oh, The Places You’ll Go.

We are lucky. The parallel worlds out there are stuck with “The Conservative Lorax.” A Lorax who has succumbed to the world of selfishness and greed. One that doesn’t care about the Truffala Trees at all and is more concerned they be shared with corporations.

The Lorax was right

He was sharp as a tack

Who was I to hold the economy back?

We don’t have to deal with the dull reality of children’s books like “Oh, The Places You’ll (Actually) Go.” A bleak scene for anyone starting out on their own.

Now just wait for a second

How can that be?

Not everyone’s special, statistically. 

Chances are better, though you don’t want to believe

That most of your goals will not be achieved. 

Instead, we all got to come along for the adventure with the Dr. Seuss who created magical worlds with made-up rules. Worlds that continue to challenge imaginations and encourage kids to dream.

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss, I’m feeling lucky to live in a world with Horton, Marvin K. Mooney and all those crazy Sneetches.

So, in honor of the great Doctor’s birthday, let’s let our imaginations, aspirations, our dreams and of course the Truffala Trees, grow!



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Author: Brenna Fischer

Editor: Emily Bartran 

Photo: Youtube


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