April 17, 2015

Am I? {A Poem}


Who am I?


Am I a writer?

Because I write.

Am I a teacher?

Because I teach.

Am I a mother?

Because I nuture.

Am I a yogi?

Because I practice.

Am I a runner?

Because I run.

Am I a baker?

Because I bake.

Am I an artist?

Because I create.

Am I a speaker?

Because I share.

Am I a student?

Because I learn.

Am I a friend?

Because I connect.

Am I a lover?

Becuase I love.

I do these things.

Not all of them well.

Are they me?

Am I them?

Maybe, neither.

Maybe, I just, am.




20 Ways to Connect to the Present Moment.


Author: Michelle Sweezey

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Darla Hueske

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