April 10, 2015

Change? Change like a Frog.

Photo: Ceara Tremblett

Tonight, amidst a flurry of “everything,” a frog hopped through my open door.

I put it back outside as a playful and inquisitive cat was due back from his evening romp. But the frog came straight back in. And sat there. Just being. Waiting. Watching.

As a symbol, the frog speaks of opportunity in transition. The frog itself undergoes a radical transformation and does so with grace, calm and patience, knowing that greater things are to come from the pain of change. And life is changing. Winter to spring.

Huge earth rumblings are afoot and they have the power to destroy me. But they won’t. They will bounce me and jolt me and throw me and bring me crashing back down to earth over and over again.

The frog didn’t leave until I got down on my knees to take a closer look. And when I did, it hopped back out of the door and didn’t come back. And perhaps change is the same. It’s not until it brings us to our knees and we stare it square in the face and hear what it has to say that it will leave.

And it sits there. Just being. Waiting. Watching.

And just like the frog, the challenge of change gives us opportunities. Opportunities to be happy. Opportunities to heal. Opportunities to learn. Opportunities to grow. Opportunities to hope.

In the midst of hanging on to being a tadpole, we are blind to the possibility of being a frog.

Perhaps when rock-cracking change throws itself into our lives, it does so because it’s time for us to leap into being a frog. To finally bound into everything we can be.

And yes it may hurt a little. It may hurt a lot. And we will fight it and deny it and ignore it and run from it. But ultimately that’s only because we have no idea what it would be like to no longer be a tadpole.

So like the frog, I am going to greet change with grace and calm and patience.

And be the most badass frog you’ve ever seen.



Author: Andy Charrington

Editor: Evan Yerburgh

Photo Credit: Ceara Tremblett


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